Top Hunting Essentials On Your Next Hunting Trip

Top Hunting Essentials On Your Next Hunting Trip


Hunting is a sport in which people seek out, pursue, and kill wild animals and birds known as game and game birds, usually with rifles and a bow and arrow. 

In the United Kingdom and Western Europe, hunting refers to the capture of wild animals using hounds that hunt by scent, while shooting refers to the capturing of small game and game birds using a rifle. Both hunting and shooting are referred to as hunting in the United States and elsewhere. Although most hunters have too much gear these days, there are a few essential items that everyone should have on hand at all times. 


Your Recommended Hunting Essentials

Have the essential hunting gear with you at all times to be prepared and make your hunt safer and more enjoyable. While different hunts require different equipment, there are a few items that you can never leave home without. Build the best hunting pack for your first or next hunt with the help of this guide. 


Proper Clothing

Weather is a common, yet serious, threat to hunters. Hypothermia occurs when your body absorbs more heat than it creates, causing your core body temperature to drop. It may occur at temperatures as high as 50 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Having good rain gear is one of the easiest ways to protect yourself from hypothermia. Quality rain gear not only keeps moisture out of the body, but it also keeps moisture created by the body (sweat) out of the body by proper ventilation. Not all hunting clothes are waterproof, so it’s best to have these prepared as part of your hunting kit list. Stay safe and dry!   

Socks for hunting are also a must-have item. You will be able to travel faster, hang out longer, and drive about easily in all weather conditions if you keep your feet dry and in good shape. When it comes to socks, the first rule is to stay away from cotton. Socks that wick moisture, provide protection and warmth, and prevent blisters will pay off during your hunt, just like a good base layer.


Essential Hunting Tools

Any hunter should always have a knife with them. Some prefer fixed blades. Some prefer folding knives, and others carry multi-tools. A hunting knife is one of the most important pieces of hunting equipment you can bring with you, whether you're cleaning game, cutting rope, or notching hunting tags. 

A hunting knife is very versatile. They can be part of your deer hunting essentials, bear hunting essentials, duck hunting essentials, hog hunting essentials, elk hunting essentials, or dove hunting essentials. A proper hunting knife can help you cut rope, remove hide, and many more. It just really makes a hunting trip become more seamless. 

Just keep in mind to look for a hunting knife that has an impeccable rubber grip so you can keep your hands well protected no matter what the conditions are. 

Knowing which type of knife you need can help you in the long run. Here are some advantages of different styles of knives to help you narrow your choice:

Fixed blade

  • Strong durability
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Larger blade

Folding knife

  • Compact
  • Different blade styles
  • Lightweight


  • Most Versatile
  • All in one hunting tool

Aside from knives, one of the tips seasoned hunters usually offer is that you must always carry a small set of tools with you. It’s best to include an allen-wrench set, screwdriver set, electrical tape, and a portable crescent wrench.

Navigating Tools

Getting outdoors (and back) is a big part of why we hunt, but thousands of people get lost in the woods every year. It's important to know where you're going, where you're at, and what kind of terrain you'll face along the way. 

A conventional map and compass have long been common hunting devices, but only if the hunter understands how to use them correctly. Hunting GPS units have largely replaced the use of a paper chart and compass. 

GPS systems have made navigating in the outdoors relatively simple and affordable for many hunters, despite their large price range and features. Getting a GPS map app on your smartphone is a quicker and less costly alternative to carrying a GPS device. Even if you don't have cellular coverage, you'll be able to reach your location, save Waypoints, and use all Layers and Resources with Offline Maps.

Hunting Backpack 

You need a safe way to transport all in your hunting kit list and one way to do that is by packing them all in a high-quality and functional hunting backpack. You should choose a backpack that has a quiet camo-colored fabric, which you can consider as one of your deer hunting essentials because having one can prevent you from disturbing the deer that you are trying to hunt. 

Aside from that, you should also choose a backpack that features a gun or bow carry system to support your gear. It is also better if it's lightweight so that it won’t hinder your movements as you trke through any terrain. 



It is necessary to have a sharp eye whether you are hunting for a deer, bear, dove, duck, hog, or elk. But you can also add to the list of what to carry in a hunting backpack a pair of binoculars that can help amplify your vision and increase your field of view. 

Whether you are far or close from your target, binoculars will help you see better and think better about your next move, which also makes them one of the extremely important deer hunting must haves! 


Rifle Scope

A scope is an important accessory to your rifle. In its absence, you will absolutely have a hard time identifying your target from a distance. It is one of the dove hunting essentials that you should never forget about. 

Besides that, it is also one of the bear hunting essentials that you must have since we all know how hard it is to be in a closer range with a bear. The scope will magnify your view and increase your shot accuracy while keeping you in a safe distance.

Rifle scopes also feature adjustable brightness and a red laser that can help you shoot more accurately. Also, it is weatherproof so it can help you see through the mistiest and foggiest days. 


Safety Harness

Safety harness is a gear needed for deer hunting. It will keep you safe, especially if you are fond of using a treestand while hunting. What you should look for in a safety harness that is perfect as one of mule deer hunting essentials must be the following features: lightweight and no annoying droopy straps. Droopy straps can potentially cause unnecessary noise and scare your game away! 


LED Flashlight

We all know that the woods can get extremely dark during the night and your vision will be very limited because of it. Having a LED flashlight in your list of what to carry in a hunting backpack is a real lifesaver. It can help you move around better and quietly in the dark and even if you are not hunting a game, it is still a relatively good tool to give you a brighter vision. 

You can also use the flashlight to aid you in setting up your camp. Just make sure that you have a durable and water resistant flashlight to make it a reliable and great addition to your essential hunting access.


Trail Camera

You can consider a trail camera as your second set of eyes and one of the best mule deer hunting essentials. A trail camera can help you actively identify and track a deer. It features both HD video and camera and it is also very quick and easy to set up. Aside from that, it is also waterproof and offers a night vision which makes it a good addition to your 

If you want to have a clear view of your deer in all kinds of weather and environmental conditions! 


Face mask and gloves

One of the things needed for hunting are gloves and a face mask. Remember to choose camo when going elevated hunting, while black for ground blinds. In some instances, blaze orange is also a recommendable color option. But, you can also pack different ones for days with major temperature changes. 


Scent Cleaner

Avoid getting caught up in a ruckus with wild animals. Make sure to bring these as part of what to carry in a hunting backpack. This is because it helps you prevent detection by wild animals that may see you as a threat.

Deer are sensitive animals and they can be easily disturbed by the scent that they pick up, which is why one of the deer hunting must haves is a scent cleaner. Moving around the woods on a bright day can make you really sweaty and an odorless deodorant isn’t enough to do the trick. A scent killer works better in keeping you odorless, thus helping you have more chances at a hunting success! 


Wind Checker

Even if you’re already aware beforehand, a wind checker is a must on the list of one’s what to carry in hunting backpack. You can never predict any wind direction changes, so it’s best to remain prepared. 


Weapon of choice and fitting ammo 

Lastly, don’t go unarmed. In order to catch some games, you have to prepare your strengths too. Prepare your weapon of choice and its correct ammo in order to make sure you don’t come home empty-handed. Plus, don’t forget to bring your hunting license to avoid getting into legal trouble. 


Lens Cleaner

You should keep your lenses squeaky clean during hunting so that you won’t compromise your vision. Whether it is your binoculars or rifle scope, keeping their lenses clean must be on your list! Choose a lens cleaner that is environment-friendly and plant-based so it is safe for you and for the environment! 


Electric Hunting Bike

Electric bikes are the perfect partners if you don’t want to face inconvenience in your trip. Their low-pressure and high-volume tires are the best fit in whatever terrain you’re planning to explore, whether land or snow. It also gives you an advantage when it comes to catching up with your prey. Lastly, it will also help you carry all the hunting essentials you need for this trip. 



One of the best hog hunting essentials is a rangefinder. Knowing the exact distance between you and your game can increase your hunting accuracy, which is why a rangefinder is indeed a great addition to your essential hunting access. It is handheld, sensitive to speed and can give you a more precise scope of your game. Don’t forget to bring extra batteries!


Water Bottle

Hydration is a must when hunting for elk, bear, deer, or other games. You will be using a lot of body fluids while trekking to find the perfect spot and waiting for the right moment to fire your shot, which is why you should always keep yourself hydrated with a water bottle. Consider a clean water supply one of your most important elk hunting essentials! I trust this Berkey water filter and recommend it all the time. 


Odorless Bug Spray

The woods are home to many bug species, which may cause a problem to your skin if you are not careful. Their bites may cause some inconvenience to you, and sometimes it may even require you to seek medical help immediately. 

Luckily, there are odorless bug sprays available almost anywhere, to make sure that you are protected when you are out there in the woods. The spray is gentle on your skin, but make sure to check if you have any allergic reactions to the contents of the spray before applying it on yourself. 


Mobile Phone 

Now part of essential hunting accessories, a mobile phone comes in handy because of its different applications such as maps and hunting calendars that can be useful to hunters. At the same time, you don’t want for your loved ones to be worried with your situation. Make sure that they know where you are by texting or calling them from time-to-time. This way, should an emergency occur, they know where to find you. 


Portable Charger

Nowadays, hunting is made easier with the help of electronics. However, when you run out of battery, your electrics would become a waste of space in your backpack. 

Make sure to bring a portable charger or a power bank for your electronic hunting gadgets so that you can use them at all times. Having a fully-charged mobile phone is also good in case of emergencies, just make sure to get to an area with good signal reception. 

Or if you need something more significant you can put an Ecoflow generator in your truck too.


Rooftop Tent

When you plan to stay out for a few days and your miles from your cabin or basecamp, a rooftop tent like Tentbox is a great additional so you can stay out overnight.


Emergency supplies for hunting

Do not leave home without emergency supplies. They're just as essential as the rest of your gear and clothes. Consider the following list as the absolute bare minimum you should have on hand in case of emergency:

  • Water, Water Purification System, and Food - Make sure to bring enough water and snacks to fuel you throughout the day. Protein bars and nuts are usually recommended snacks. 
  • Shelter - You don’t want to sleep in the cold and wet grasses of the wood. So, ensure that either a blanket or emergency bivvy sack is included in your list. Those will definitely be your savior just in case you get caught at night. 
  • First Aid Kit - Of course, one of the most valuable hunting essentials is a first aid kit. Make sure to pack it with maintenance and emergency medicine as well, as part of deer hunting must haves to keep you on the go! 
  • Fire starting materials - Add matches and lighters to the list to keep you company especially at night. This will not only give you visibility, but will also provide heat under the stars. 


Other Hunting Essentials

Seasoned hunters have learned a few tricks on what they want to bring in their hunting packs over the years. Hunters depend on some of these gear pieces since they serve many purposes in the field.

    • Trash bags -  When cut open, a couple of large lawn bags make an excellent ground cloth for placing game meat on when processing an animal. They can also be used to keep gear and clothing dry (especially during stream crossings) or as part of a survival shelter in the worst-case scenario.
    • Pen, Pad, Sharpie- Bringing these few small things along would be worth it, whether for jotting down notes and thoughts while watching your game or using the Sharpie to leave notes that won't be destroyed in the rain. It’s easy to wrap about 10 feet of duct tape around one Sharpie.
  • Paracord - With 30-50 feet of paracord in your bag, you can do almost everything. Paracord is the multi-tool of rope, with uses ranging from hanging food from a tree to constructing a shelter to using a primitive bow drill for fire-making.
  • Toilet paper and urine container -Another must have on the hunting kit list are toilet paper and a urine container. Usually, a plastic urine bottle is most recommended.
  • Tips On Buying The Best Hunting Essentials 

    List down what you’ll need. 

    One of the main problems of hunters is that they either overpack or underpack gear needed for deer hunting. Either of these options are not a good practice, so it’s best to make a list of essentials. Do this right after your last hunting season to know what equipment is a must. 


    Bring the list when you shop. 

    It’s easy to get sidelined by bargain deals you see in different hunting stores you’ll scout. To prevent the needless urge to spend, remember to follow your list to the very letter. Be wise in spending, and save a lot for future hunting. 


    Don’t overthink!

    If you see a steal deal for an item on your list, don’t over analyze it anymore. Just buy it! Yes, you have a big chance of seeing it at another store at a cheaper price. But think about the time you saved instead of scouring everywhere. 


    Check online. 

    Sometimes, you can find high-quality, top of the line gear online for a lower price. On sites like eBay and Craigslist, there are a lot of sellers who offer their slightly used hunting gear at an attainable price. 


    Be aware of shipping fees. 

    If you choose to buy your hunting gear online, you must know the right prices of shipping fees to avoid getting ripped off. Apart from this, it’s also good to be aware of free or discounted shipping offers to save some bucks. 


    Never sacrifice quality for quantity.

    You might be tempted to get a stock of hunting gear for a lower price. Don’t compromise quality for cheap prices. Think of the longevity of high quality hunting gear and why it would be wiser to get them. 


    Remember your sizing. 

    When ordering at online apparel stores, remember to put in the right size to avoid the hassle of exchanges and delays. You also get to avoid wasting money on wrong size orders. 


    Call a friend. 

    You might be surprised about how much knowledge your resident hunting addict friend may have about good deals offline and online for essential hunting accessories. 


    Wait your urge to spend out. 

    It’s really a painful thing to do: wait. But do you really need all those expensive hunting gear now? Wait for a year at least and see the prices go down as qualities stay the same. Get better deals by then for things needed for hunting.


    Be a responsible consumer. 

    Don’t buy what you don’t need, but don’t deprive yourself as well. There are times that you might drive yourself wild, preventing that spending craze. Sometimes, it’s not bad to give in, provided you don’t have that same piece of gear in dozens at home. Spares are nice, but buy only what you need and save what you can. 


    Be Ready For Your Next Hunting Trip

    Hunting is one of the most prized sports and activities in the world. Knowing that, it is best to come prepared in every hunt you have. Even the best of hunters know that every season comes with a new challenge of being well-equipped. Whether you’re part of the beginners or even the legends, don’t forget to know the importance of the basics.

    Armed with all the tips and recommendations from this article, you will surely know what to do on your next hunt. Don’t worry, all you have to do is follow the steps above and you’re set. Good luck and hunt safe! 

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