Top 3 Electric Trikes of 2023: Your eTrike Buyer's Guide

Top 3 Electric Trikes of 2022: Your eTrike Buyer's Guide

Electric bikes are fantastic for ripping down trails, climbing steep hills, and cruising around the beach.

Electric hunting bikes have also opened up new ways to use these ingenious machines. 

However, if you’re looking for something a bit safer and with a little more convenience, you need to check out the electric trike. 

A 3-wheel electric bike offers riders greater comfort on the road and often comes equipped with a basket or other accessories. For this reason, an electric trike is super convenient for hunting and fishing.

On the other hand, an electric trike does present some drawbacks to a traditional eBike, such as sacrificing cornering and requiring more power to operate. 

To evaluate whether or not an electric trike is right for you, we’ve compiled a brief guide of everything you need to know about electric trikes and the best 3-wheel bikes available. 

What Is an Electric Trike?

As opposed to having two wheels, electric tricycles have three wheels: two in the rear and one in the front. While that might seem like a subtle change, it vastly separates the overall function of an eTrike from traditional eBikes. 

The increased stability, weight capacity, and room for cargo make them a great choice for package delivery, shopping trips, or any time you need to transport many items from one place to another. 

However, it's important to remember that the general layout of an eTrike makes them far less nimble than an eBike, meaning they aren't the best choice for rough terrain. For example, electric trikes have a larger drive radius, making them harder to turn, avoid obstacles, or through windy trails.  

For this reason, an electric trike could provide improved convenience over a conventional eBike, but only under relatively mild terrain. 

In general, electric trikes feature many of the same features as an electric bike, featuring the same batteries as an electric bike, disk brakes, full suspension, and hub motor. In addition, there are several fat tire eBikes available with trike alternatives that are better suited for rough terrains.

With this in mind, let’s explore the best three-wheel electric bikes for any activity and budget. 

Three Best Electric Trikes

Emojo Caddy Fat Tire Bike


The Emojo Caddy is a solid contender for any rider to consider. This base model comes equipped with a powerful DC brushless 500W front-mount motor that can travel 35 miles on a single charge of the lithium-ion battery. 

All of that power is given motion with the help of a simple single-speed layout, and Kenda fat tires are then brought to a stop with Tektro-disc brakes. 

With a relatively low weight of just 70 pounds, similar to the average eBike, the Emojo Caddy can support an impressive 320 pounds. Of course, the front and rear racks help you use that extra lifting power. 

Emojo Caddy Pro three-wheel ebike overview


The Emojo Caddy Pro is the next step up from the Caddy. Everything great about the former carries over, including the motor, range, weight capacity, low weight, and Kenda fat tires. However, more than a few minor tweaks have made this a much more capable model. 

Perhaps the biggest improvement is the addition of a 7-speed gearbox. This single change makes it easier for the rider to reach top speeds and the eTrike more versatile. 

The improved gearing paired with the superiorly comfortable seat creates a far more enjoyable ride. However, toss in powerful Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, and it's hard to find a situation where this eTrike isn't the obvious solution. 

Eunorau New-Trike eBike Generation electric trike buyer's guide


The Eunorau New-Trike is one of the most economical choices and perhaps the most capable. Though, appearances alone might not suggest it's much different than most platforms. 

Moving that step-through frame is a 500W high-torque front-drive motor. A legendary Shimano 7-speed 14-28T gearing system is out back, and CST fat tires are found on both ends. Finally, it's hard not to notice the front and rear cargo racks that make it easy to transport what you need to. 

How is this a more capable model than most? First, it's able to support up to 440 pounds. Despite that, it still retains a low weight of 80 pounds, which isn't just slightly more than trikes that can handle far smaller payloads. 

5 Electric Trike Factors to Consider

The market for electric trikes is still growing. As time passes, more and more interesting models will join the lineup. Unfortunately, that means you will need to spend more and more time sorting through your options to determine which is best for you. 

As mentioned earlier, there's a lot shared in common with traditional eBikes, and that means the details that separate one model from another are largely the same.

1. Motor

You will notice that many eTrikes have a single hub-drive motor in the front wheel instead of the rear wheel or mid-drive positions. That's to help balance out the weight and reduce wear and tear on the motor. There are few models on the market that drive the rear tire. 

Both the build quality and watt output are details you should consider. As for the quality, it's worth doing a little bit of homework and learning what manufacturer your etrike leans on and how that motor holds up. 

Power is far simpler to sort out. The higher the watt rating, the more powerful the eTrike is. Like any other vehicle, more power means it's more responsive and can get up to higher speeds more quickly.

2. Speed

By nature, a trike is less concerned with top speed than its carrying capacities. However, you don't want to waste your money on something that isn't going to move as quickly as you want.

Therefore, it's good to find out the top speed of the models you're considering to decide which is best for your intended use.

3. Safety Features

eTrikes are going to be used in several different settings, including recreational riding, mountain biking, and hunting. These activities can be potentially dangerous without the proper safety equipment.

You should always make sure the models you're considering are fitted with adequate lighting and reflectors. Even if you don't intend to ride it at night or in urban settings regularly.

4. Battery Range

Range refers to how far the battery can take you on a single charge. In any case, longer is better, as it means you have that much more motor usage at your disposal. 

It's important to remember that the range isn't automatically used up as you ride the eTrike without motor power. Instead, that number refers to how long the battery will last during continuous use of the motor.

5. Accessories and Features

Not all electric tricycles come with the same equipment, nor are they equally as capable. Some have better brakes, others have higher weight capacities, and seemingly limitless bells and whistles can come bolted on from the factory. 

Which is best for you? That ultimately depends on your budget and demands. 

Brakes, weight capacity, cargo racks, and lights are all things you should read into, no matter what. However, transmission gearing, suspension specifications, and overall dimensions are all necessary to read into as well.

You want to get as many details about anything you are considering to make sure it will handle what you're using it for and that it's a practical choice for your situation. 

3-wheel electric bicycles may not be as nimble as an eMTB on the trail, but they offer improved storage capabilities and stability for cruising, hunting, or fishing. For the best electric trikes on the market, browse our selection or talk to a representative today. 

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Colin Cleghorn

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