Jetson Adventure Electric Mountain Bike: A Review

Jetson Adventure Electric Mountain Bike: A Review


Are you always on the go for a new adventure? Push beyond your limits with the new Jetson Adventure electric mountain bike. This electric mountain e-bike is designed for you to keep moving forward.

The Jetson Adventure is all about durability and lightness. Let's take a closer look at its electric and find out if this is the electric mountain bike you are looking for.


  • 250-watt hub motor
  • 36V 7.8Ah rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • 44-pound weight
  • 300-pound weight limit
  • 30 miles maximum range
  • 20-mph maximum speed
  • 15-degree climbing angle
  • 1-speed gears
  • LCD screen
  • Front and rear disc brake
  • Throttle pedal assist
  • Nine pedal-assist levels 
jetson adventure electric mountain bike

Speed and Performance

In this Jetson Adventure electric mountain bike, let’s talk about the Jetson’s speed first. It has nine levels of pedal assist in giving you the boost you need. The electric mountain bike provides a maximum speed of up to 20 mph in electric mode and can run up to 40 miles.

Best of all, Jetson Adventure only weighs 42 pounds. It is handy in case you run out of battery so you can pedal without assistance. Even if it’s lightweight, the electric mountain bike can accommodate up to 300 pounds of weight.

Besides that, Jetson Adventure is very easy to use. You just need to pedal to engage with the electric motor. This makes it an ideal choice for beginners who are still getting used to using an electric bike.

Although the 250W motor isn't considered tough in the market, rest assured that the Jetson Adventure does its job well. It operates on a Panasonic 36V, 7.8Ah lithium-ion battery. The battery is concealed and secured at the center of the aluminum frame. It is not removable, but it offers a fast six-hours charging time.

Gears and Wheels

The Jetson Adventure electric mountain e-bike features 21 gears so you can tackle any hills or rough trails without difficulty. It features the newest 27.5-inch wheels and rests on an alloy frame. That way, you have the confidence to bump on the most uneven trails with your e-bike.

Unlike other e-bikes, this one doesn't have any compartments, nor is it compatible with your smartphones. You will have to put your gadgets away and enjoy your time biking around town or the woods to hunt. It only comes with a bell that you can remove or use depending on your preferences. It has an ergonomic body frame to provide you with optimal comfort and durability. The e-bike also comes with a one-year limited warranty upon purchase.

jetson adventure electric mountain bike


Prepare yourself for the after-hours trail riding with the Jetson Adventure electric mountain bike. If you are a mountaineer or a hunter, the headlights will come in handy on your way from. The front is equipped with bright LED light to illuminate your path in front, while the rear brake will signal other riders of your presence to avoid a possible collision.


If this is your first time purchasing a mountain electric bike, know that the incline is a crucial factor to consider. It determines how smooth and efficient your bike will be when it comes to climbing steep hills. The Jetson Adventure delivers a climbing angle of up to 15 degrees. It allows you to climb hilltops without continually straining against the gravitational pull.


Talking about comfort and safety, the seat of this adventurer bike is comfortable to use and shockproof. That way, even if your bike suffers from the bumps on the road, you won't. Rest assured that it is also very easy to adjust. Riders as young as 13 years old can comfortably ride this electric mountain bike thanks to its adjustable height and seat.

Comfort and Assistance

The electric mountain bike features a front shock suspension and shock-absorbing seat. Rest assured that no matter how tough the road is, you’ll still be comfortable riding your bike.  It also features a brightly-lit LCD screen strategically placed so you are updated with the speed, battery life, and other necessary information.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Jetson Adventure electric mountain bike is a wonderful investment for your outdoor endeavors. It’s great to see a no-nonsense electric mountain bike in the market sold at an affordable price. This e-bike can last throughout different seasons and is resistant to harsh weather. You can enjoy a fun ride in the woods or the city with the Jetson Adventure.


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