Fifield E-bikes : A Quick Review

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Fifield E-bikes : A Quick Review

When it comes to choosing the best Fifield e-bike, you have several selections to choose from. Fifield is known for producing bikes for all types of riders. Some models are best fit for commuting, trail riding, and beach cruising.

If you plan to invest in a Fifield electric bike, let’s take a closer look at the top three best-selling e-bikes from the brand.


Top 3 Fifield Electric Bikes in the Market

Here are the following featured Fifield electric bikes that are worth taking a look at:


Fifield Bonfire 350


Fifield Bonfire 350

For a high-end commuter e-bike, take a look at the Fifield Bonfire 350. This 350W mid-drive motor e-bike is exactly what you need for your adventures in both the city and trails. It operates on a 36V battery and features a 9-speed gear system. Hitting the road is smoother as it offers a top speed of 20 mph. This speed is quite unusual for a 36V battery, but the Fifield Bonfire 350 made it happen.


Weighing only 50 pounds, storing and transporting this e-bike will never be a problem. Its frame is made of reinforced aluminum alloy for added durability. Moreover, it features an SR Sontour XCT Suspension. This Fifield e-bike has a maximum range of 40 miles. Thanks to its set of 26-inch wheels, it can skim smoothly over the obstacles. That’s what makes this e-bike suitable for off-road courses. The mid-drive motor is placed strategically in the lower center of the e-bike to keep the center of gravity low and maintain balance. If you are still a beginner in using riding e-bikes, you will find this model more comfortable to ride.  It also comes in two colors--blue and white. 



  • Offers a wide range of features to ensure the user’s safety and comfort
  • The aluminum alloy frame keeps the e-bike as light as possible
  • The suspension fork keeps the ride as smooth as possible
  • Can travel up to 40 miles with just a single charge


  • Not suitable for extended hunting expeditions
  • Limited weight capacity


Seaside by Fifield


Seaside by Fifield


Have you got yourself a date at the beach? Make it more special with the Seaside by Fifield e-bike. This electric bike is designed to make it easier cruising along the beach course and enjoying the scenery in front of you. This Fifield e-bike operates on a smooth 350W front-drive motor to support balance and stability. Similar to other electric bikes produced by Fifield, this model is unusually light—weighing only 45 pounds.

Instead of the standard balloon tires, this light cruiser is equipped with smaller tires. It is designed to keep it lightweight and easy to handle. The e-bike features a rear rack for packing your beach bag and essentials.

It also features a front SR Suntour Suspension to make it easier cruising along with the bumps and prevent wobbling. This feature is great for parent riders who plan to install a child seat and take them to the beach. You can also install a tandem hookup for a more fun ride. The bike is designed to support your second passenger when zipping up the hills.

Furthermore, this electric bike is designed to keep you safe and comfortable. It has front and rear fenders that will prevent the road debris from hitting your legs while riding. The chain needs little to no maintenance. Rest assured that even if you take the muddy course, your e-bike won’t go home looking all so dirty and ragged.

Not only has that, but the Seaside also comes with front and rear lights. Its reflective Kenda tires are built to signal other riders when you’re crossing or riding on top speed. You can also use the integrated bell to alert them of your presence. Its Tekto Front and Rear Disc brakes are installed to prevent any close calls when riding.



  •  Charging time only takes six hours
  • Seaside can reach up to 80 kilometers
  • KM5S LCD king meter pedal-assist system has three level settings
  • The display on the Seaside is weather-resistant and easy to read



  •  Limited weight capacity
  • Seaside is not suitable for heavy-duty use
  • The e-bike cannot carry heavy hunting gears and equipment


Fifield Rogue Wave Fat Tire Electric Bike

Fifield Rogue Wave Fat Tire Electric Bike


The Fifield Rogue Wave is the electric bike for everyone. It is the best-selling Fifield e-bikes for many reasons. It runs on a powerful 750W rear hub brushless motor combined with a 48V Samsung battery. This e-bike can reach up to 45 miles. Whether it’s hunting or transportation, the Fifield Rogue Wave will solve all your needs.

You can fold up the electric bike into a compact package for hassle-free storage when not in need. Weighing only 55 pounds, transportation of the e-bike will never be a problem.

The handlebars are made of reinforced Promax aluminum alloy with a 31.8mm rise for optimal comfort. It has a black rail Velo saddle, and front and rear LED lights signal other riders in the road. Not only that, but the Fifield Rogue wave features the dual Tektro hydraulic disc brakes and Shimano 9-speed Alivio external gears with trigger shifters. Built with extreme outdoor enthusiasts in mind, rest assured that this electric bike can take you to any destination you want to go. You can choose between a traditional biking and an electrically assisted ride. It features highly-sensitive torque sensors. It means that the bike can determine how hard you're pedaling to give you the right boost you need. It's a handy feature when zipping up the hills and a great way to preserve your battery.



  • Features a powerful and stealthy electric motor
  • Resilient and built for heavy-duty use
  • Suitable for hunting and riding in off-road courses
  • Weather-proof in any riding conditions



  • Not suitable for customers on a budget

Final Thoughts

When it comes to electric bikes, Fifield is one of the trusted brands in the market. Investing your hard-earned money in a quality e-bike will benefit you in the long run. The Fifield e-bikes we've featured today are best, reliable models for any riding conditions. Whether you’re an adventurer, an avid rider, a city commuter, or an economist, you will most likely find the right Fifield electric bike for you.



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