How To Install Bike Fenders: Ebike Guides

How To Install Bike Fenders: Ebike Guides

Most electronic bicycles are sold in their simplest form— without any additional accessories. Often this causes the new owner to be underwhelmed with their new vehicle. But with just a few added tools, you can upgrade your bike's performance and make it as optimal as possible. 

There are many accessories to choose from, depending on the added functionality you want for your bike. Fenders are one of the most practical add-ons you can get as it can make a huge difference in your cycling experience. One of the challenges faced by users, however, is how to install bike fenders. 

What are E-Bike Fenders?

Fenders are very helpful in maintaining the cleanliness of your e-bike. It is inevitable for you to ride through different kinds of surfaces, but fenders can protect you and your bike from dirt and mud that were accumulated from puddles and rivulets. This tool can reduce the amount of grime that can stain your bike. More importantly, they can maintain the quality of the moving components, battery, and other essential parts, prolonging your electronic bike's life.

How To Install Bike Fenders: Ebike Guides

Installation Guide 

So, how to install bike fenders?

Before installing the bike fenders, make sure that your tires and frameset are in the correct size. Some e-bike manufacturers  do not consider frame design for fender mounting, so make sure that your bicycle can take bolted fenders. Double check the compatibility first since electronic bicycles have more complex and expensive parts than traditional ones. 

Determine the type of fender you will install on your bike.

There is a general process on how to install bike fenders. Although, brands and types of frames may vary, along with a different installation process. The two common types of bike fenders are full-length and clip-on. Each of the two has its own structure, so decide first on which one you will install. For this guide, we will be using a full-length fender for preference since they are more widely used among e-bikers. 

Change your e-bike’s gear

Shift the gear to 7, this will move the chain into the smallest length and make the entire installation process easier. After this, power off your bike. Use your key to remove the battery. Then long press the “MODE” button or any button that displays your e-bike’s settings. Do this until the LCD display turns off. 

Attach the front fenders

Remove the headlight by pulling both sides of the connector. You may use a 5mm or a 10 mm wrench to unplug the headlight bolt, lock nut, front washer, and rear washer. 

How To Install Bike Fenders: Ebike Guides

Adjust the front-fender into position

Put the front of the fender in between the fire and front fork arch to match the U-shaped metal bracket. The fender must be in front of the light mount placed on the fork arch. 

Insert the headlight and fender into the front fork arch 

Get the headlight bolt and pass it through the headlight, one washer, and the U-shaped metal bracket on the fender. It must reach the mounting point of your e-bike’s front fork arch. Then, from the back of the bolt install the washer and the locknut. 

Reconnect the headlight

Put the headlight back by aligning the notches and pins on the sides of the connector and the arrows outside. Push the two sides of the connector together to tightly seal them in place.

Bolt the fender stays 

Fasten the fender mounting bracket using 2 longer bolts to the metal eyelets of the mounting bracket. Make sure that it is inserted through the bolt connection on the front fork. Do the same process on the other side using a 4mm wrench to attach both bolts. 

Remove the rear wheel

Move your e-bike upside down and remove the rear wheel first. Avoid touching the metal brake disc by lifting the rear wheel assembly opposite of the dropouts. The gear should remain in number 7. After positioning your e-bike, adjust the fender in place using the mounting bracket clamp located at the back of the e-bike near the chainstay. 

Attach the fender at the chainstay arch 

Grab one of the smaller bolts and insert them through the washer. Then attach it to the mounting point on the chainstay arch. Tighten the bolts using a 4mm wrench. 

Attach the fender at the seatstay arch

Use another one of the smaller bolts and pass it through the washer. Carefully attach it to the mounting point on the seatstay arch. Again, tighten the bolts using a 4mm wrench. 


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