Electric Mountain Bike For Hunting

Electric Mountain Bike For Hunting

When you’re hunting, you have to be agile and make as little sound as possible to catch your prey. As such, getting to your position without being noticed and leaving us a little hint of the trail as possible is one of the most significant challenges of the sport. 

Having a vehicle that can allow you to swiftly traverse terrains and move in and out of deer stands or duck blinds will enable you to hunt with ease—nothing does this better than a good old’ bicycle. The best type of hunting bikes for sale in the market is an electric mountain bike for hunting.


Why Should You Buy An Electric Mountain Bike For Hunting?

While regular mountain bikes are a great option for hunting, integrating the features of an electric bike makes it even more appealing to use for hunters as it is relatively faster and less traceable. 


If you’re still having second thoughts of buying one, here are some of the reasons why buying an electric hunting bike is the best option for a bountiful hunt:


Allows Quick Navigation

It is faster to navigate the hunting area and reach remote locations in no time using a bike than when you’re just walking. Moreover, having a space to put your gear and supplies without carrying it the whole time allows you to hunt longer stably.


It Leaves Minimal Trail

As we all know, animals work off of their senses. Unlike walking or riding a car, an electric bicycle leaves little to no scent trail. Moreover, it doesn’t make noises and vibrations as loud as gas engines do, so you wouldn’t have to worry about scaring off your prey.


It’s User-Friendly

Whether you’re an experienced or inexperienced biker, using an electric hunting bike would be a no-brainer. Everyone can use it no matter your age or physical condition. This can make hunting easier, especially for older hunters or those who have suffered from past injury and now have limited mobility. Furthermore, maintaining it is not as complicated as caring for gas-powered engines.


Safer Hunting

You can also check the trail cameras faster to check for any potential danger or to check for prey sightings. Using an electric hunting bike, you can get out of a potentially dangerous hunting situation in a matter of seconds.


Choosing the Best Electric Mountain Bike For Hunting

When selecting an electric mountain bike for hunting, you have to take note of a number of features that will make it easier for you to wander off into the wild while carrying your hunting instruments, while making sure that you will not scare your prey away. 


Here are some of the criteria that you need to take note of: 


Fat Tire Bike 

What makes a hunting mountain bike distinct from regular bikes is its fat tires. A fat tire hunting bike enables you to ride off-road jungle trails and muddy trails with ease. Fat tires ranging between 4” and 4.8” are the best width for riding a hunting electric mountain bike in a breeze.


Motor and Range

The range of the motor of an electric bike determines its quality and performance on different terrains. Hence, you should carefully inspect the motor pace and range before making a purchase. The best electric bike has a high voltage battery with a powerful motor. 


The motor range determines the power and efficiency of the bike’s battery. It tells the distance that the bike can travel in a single charge, rather than showing the battery’s capacity. Choose a unit that will not force you into pedaling after some time, considering how heavy hunting equipment is. High-quality electric hunting bikes have a range of between 30 to 50 kilometers.



For electric hunting bikes, the lighter model, the better. This will work to your advantage if you’re put in a situation when you completely run out of battery. A lighter bike will also be more comfortable and convenient to carry if ever you stumble upon roadblocks or if you need to get it over a fence.


Weight Capacity

As a hunter, you know that hunting equipment tends to be heavyweight. Moreover, once you’re done hunting, there’s the joy and struggle of having to bring back your trophy home—which can be quite a heavy load. As much as you can, look for a hunting bike with at least a 120-kilogram weight capacity. 



As with purchasing your hunting equipment, checking your hunting bike’s durability is a must before buying to ensure that it will serve its function with the highest quality. If it is lousily-made and the materials used have poor quality, it will not fare well with the rough and challenging terrains of most hunting areas. 


Also, make sure that the bike is at least water-resistant (electric bikes are rarely completely waterproof) to ensure that it can with light rain and puddles. And lastly, check if the unit you will buy has a warranty feature of at least 12 months. This can save you a lot of hassle when you test the bike, and you see hidden factory errors.



Take note that when hunting, you will most often be riding the bike on rough and off-road terrains, so opting for a unit with higher speed isn’t really necessary. However, it’s still good to have a speed range that will allow you to close the distance between you and your prey swiftly. Don’t go below the typical speed range of 25-30km/h.


Noise Level

Although most electric bikes produce minimal noise, it can still create certain levels of noise that can ward off smaller prey. Look for a unit that produces the least level of sound possible to allow you to trail quietly during your hunt. 


Additional Accessories

Finally, although not really that necessary, a lot of hunting bikes have extra features that can help you hunt with ease while riding your bike. Some of these accessoriesare LCD headlight, hydraulic shock absorber, speed settings, compatible charger, etc. 


If you’re looking for the best electric mountain bike for hunting in the market,Rambo Bikes has long-established its brand with its superior quality Rambo mountain bike.



If you both like hunting and riding bicycles, fusing the two together in one activity is like hitting two birds with one stone. Using an electric mountain bike for hunting, you can level up your hunting experience even more. We hope that you learned a lot and that after reading this guide, you will be able to make a great purchase with confidence. Happy hunting!

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