7 Best Electric Mountain Bikes

7 Best Electric Mountain Bikes

Do you want to find the best electric mountain bike? There are several reasons to do a little research on electric mountain bikes. Perhaps you enjoy mountain biking but dislike the uphill fight that precedes the excitement of blasting down a route. Perhaps you just want an electric vehicle capable of off-roading. Or maybe you're just an e-bike enthusiast who wants to try out some of the most technologically advanced bikes on the market. Whatever category you fall into, the finest electric mountain bikes provide bikers with cutting-edge technology and unequaled all-terrain capability. This post has compiled a list of the top electric mountain bikes. We also have a blog featuring theTop 9 Fat Tire eBikes for 2022, go check it out!

What to Consider When Choosing an Electric Mountain Bike

When buying an electric bike, you should consider many critical factors, but several are especially crucial with electric mountain bikes. After all, you're not simply searching for an e-bike. Instead, a decent electric mountain bike requires a good suspension, a powerful motor, and a sturdy yet lightweight frame to deliver more extraordinary off-road performance, all of which tend to make them more expensive than your average e-bike.


Your electric mountain bike may be powered, but it needs a good gearbox with a broad gearing range to climb steep inclines. The more gears you have, the less effort it takes to cycle up an angle. You should have at least eight gears if you plan significant climbing on the trails.


Above all, an electric mountain bike needs a powerful engine. To physically power up high mountain routes, you'll need a motor with constant propulsion and lots of torque, or rotating force, to drive your bike uphill and over obstacles.

We recommend a motor with at least 500 watts (W) of power and 60 Newton-meters (Nm) of torque to ensure your bike can propel you up particularly steep slopes. That's almost double what we look for in an electric bike.


Quality suspension is vital for any mountain bike, electric or otherwise since it absorbs the impact of your bike striking the ground after bouncing over rough terrain. Even a bumpy uphill trip may feel secure and pleasant with a solid suspension. On the other hand, any bump might knock you off your bike if you don't have it.

Suspension is measured in millimeters of "travel," the distance the suspension components enable the frame to move and absorb shock when struck. For severe riding, we recommend at least 140mm.

Please keep in mind that not all of the bikes on our list have suspension since some are designed for mild off-road riding rather than rough trails.


One thing you definitely don't want is for your battery to die halfway up a steep slope. This means looking for an electric mountain bike with a larger-than-average battery that can handle long uphill and downhill rides that demand more energy than the standard ebike.

Remember that, unlike a conventional commuter ebike, where you can apply a formula to calculate how a given model's battery translates into trip range, you can't quantify how an electric mountain bike will perform off-road. The range is influenced by so many factors—rider weight, ground conditions, and "elevation climb," to mention a few—that establishing range is already an approximate estimate that may vary from ride to ride. With the variable nature of trail riding, even a general understanding of the range becomes nearly impossible.

However, there is a direct relationship between the size of your battery and the length of time your ebike will be able to help you. So if you want a bike that will keep you on the trails all day, bigger is preferable.


A lightweight bike is essential for trail riding. It simplifies pedaling uphill and gives you more control while zooming back down. Aim for a frame that weighs less than 50 pounds for hill climbers. We've included a few heavier alternatives below, but they're designed for level-ground off-roading rather than steep inclines.


Hunter walking back to his electric mountain bike in the forest


Are Electric Mountain Bikes Suitable for Off-road Riding?

Because of advancements in design and shape, the most superb electric mountain bikes are highly capable and enjoyable to ride off-road. However, several spec variables will influence how a bike performs off-road.

Many e-mountain bikes have sturdy aluminum framesets, but as manufacturers gain experience with this new area of bikes, they are adding more carbon choices. Full suspension reigns supreme on e-MTBs, as with analog mountain bikes, and the added weight may assist descent with the correct suspension tuning. For appropriate trail riding, look for solid suspension and a fork with at least 36mm stanchions.

With the added weight of the engine and battery, it takes a lot more energy to slow down an e-MTB, and whether you're speeding at an unsuspecting hiker or a hairpin turn, you'll want four-piston brakes and 200mm rotors.

Because of the extra weight, the wheels will be more solidly manufactured, with more spokes, and wrapped in 2.5in tubeless tires. In addition, manufacturers use puncture-resistant casings and more aggressive tread when rolling resistance is less of an issue.


7 Best Electric Mountain Bikes




Front diagonal view of the Rungu ebike on a white background


TheRungu Dualie Standard is the entry-level alternative for individuals looking for a low-cost Rungu twin front wheel experience. This model boasts hydraulic front brakes, dual-piston rear brakes, and Vee Rubber Snowshoe tires that provide good grip and traction on even the most challenging terrain. However, it weighs around 87 pounds and does not include any attachments.


The regular Rungu Dualie can surely take care of business for a day of hunting and exploring, with a maximum range of 20 miles on most terrain. However, if you want to remain off the grid for more than a few days or travel large distances, you must ensure that you have access to electricity for periodic recharge.


If you want a Rungu but want to spend less than thousands of dollars, the Rungu Dualie Standard is an excellent entry-level model. It performs well and is ideal for close-range hunters, day trippers, and campers.


Full Product Description




Left facing side profile image ob the Bakcou Storm ebike with a tan paint job. Image in on white background


When riding on uneven terrain on most motorcycles, the shock will shoot up your back, creating excruciating discomfort. Full suspension will shield you from this and absorb all of the stress. This will help you to concentrate on your quest without tainting your experience or ruining your vacations!


If you're looking for something rugged, steep, or complex, go no further than the full-suspensionStorm G2. This bike will easily handle strenuous climbs and severe descents while allowing you to tow a trailer full of gear to and from your favorite tree stand, blind, or hunting area.


The full-suspension Storm G2 was built around the unrivaled power and performance of Bafang's ULTRA mid-drive motor. The Ultra motor is often considered the mid-drive motor's "diesel engine"! As a result, the Storm G2's rear suspension has to be equally robust to withstand all this torque and power without causing the frame to bend under extreme loads.


The Ultra engine's all-metal, heavy-duty gearing, paired with the intelligence of an integrated torque sensor, makes it the most competent, durable, and efficient motor globally. In addition, there is now a full-suspension bike to handle it.


The Ultra motor is also known as a "smart motor." This is because the cyclist receives consistent data from the motor via the speed, cadence, shift, brake, and torque sensors. This enables the motor to give precisely what you need. As a result, you get a natural-feeling ride while producing massive torque and power.


Take one for a test ride and experience why the Bakcou Storm is the best-selling full-suspension, fat-tire e-bike on the market and why it's in a league of its own!


Full Description of the Bakcou Storm ebike





Lifestyle image of a Quietkat Jeep ebike, parked in front of multiple Jeep land rovers


TheJeepis built to handle wilderness roads and harsh 4x4 tracks easily, thanks to its complete suspension design and one of the most powerful e-bike engines on the market. It has a strong suspension system, decent brakes, a quick-shifting groupset, and a slew of additional characteristics that set it apart in settings far beyond demanding for the standard e-bike.


This Jeep is equipped with the Bafang Ultra 1,000W mid-drive motor, which, although unsuitable for usage on roads or bike lanes, is an absolute beast in OHV regions. That motor produces a staggering 160 Nm of torque and appears to have little to no speed restriction – and believe me, this thing travels quickly.


The drivetrain is the tough SRAM X5 9-speed groupset, which shifts quickly and manages the motor's weight instead well while shifting. It's a full suspension e-bike with 150mm of front and rear travel. The rear shock is a RockShox Monarch SL, while the front fork is an inverted design by GT MRK, a relatively unknown fork firm that appears to create just OEM components.


Front and rear Tektro Dorado 4-piston brakes with 203 mm rotors provide braking power. Finally, the battery on this bike is a 48V, 14.5Ah (696Wh) unit built into the frame.

Full product description of the Quietkat Jeep eBike





Front view of the Rambo Megatron eBike All Wheel Drive, painted in camo. Image on white background


TheRambo Megatron 1000 is a sight to see! This bike has components that have never been seen before. Dual batteries with a total capacity of 34AH, dual 1000w hub motors, and ON-DEMAND ALL-WHEEL DRIVE. Choose between front-wheel, rear-wheel, and all-wheel drive while driving! It has a top speed of up to 30mph and a range of up to 80 miles. Order now before supplies run out. The Megatron is the prototype for Rambo's new Ultimate Hunting e-bike!


Rambo's frame-integrated batteries allow the battery to be placed lower on the bike frame than a traditional battery. Twin battery - dual motor! Our integrated battery packs use the best lithium-ion batteries manufactured by Samsung, both of which are industry leaders in the lithium-ion market. The twin 17ah batteries have a total capacity of 34 amp hours and can go up to 80 miles! Not all batteries are created equal. Many e-bikes on the market today that advertise a particular amp hour fall well short. Rambo consistently outperforms in real-world testing!


With the push of a button, Rambo's On Demand all-wheel drive allows you to choose between front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, and all-wheel drive. This function helps you to save battery power on flat terrain and switch to all-wheel industry when needed!

Full Product Description of the Rambo Megatron All Wheel Drive eBike 




 Image of the Christini Fat 4 All Wheel Drive ebike in military green. White background



Thepowerhouse of Bafang! The M620 is intended for high-end eMTBs, with a maximum torque of 160 Nm and rated power output of 1000W (1500W Peak). It will undoubtedly accelerate the heaviest loads on even the steepest slope. The rider has complete control at all times and has very sensitive reactivity thanks to the system's dual-sensor architecture with a built-in Torque Sensor.


A 27.5 hardtail and various fat bikes are part of the new lineup. All are powered by a mid-drive Bafang motor system with 1,000W or 1,500W output, which dwarfs the production of conventional road-legal ebikes offered in Europe. The rear wheel is normally driven by the bike's chain and delivers power to the front wheel through a shaft arrangement.

Full description of the Christini Fat 4 Ultra All Wheel Drive ebike



Christini Fat 5 ebike front profile image on white background


The Christini Fat 5 Ultra eBike has a top-tier Bafang Ultra 1500W mid-drive motor. This motor has a maximum torque of 160 Nm and is intended to carry the biggest load capacity while giving swift acceleration at all times, especially up hills.


Just glancing at theChristini Fat 5 Ultra eBike, you can tell how large the battery is since it takes up a lot of space in the middle of the frame. However, this is a good thing because the battery is a Polly-02 52V 15Ah, one of the largest batteries on the market for any eBike.


As a result, depending on your riding style, weather conditions, use of pedal assistance, and other factors, you can travel up to 60 (or even 80) miles on a single charge.


SRAM Level Hydraulic brakes are worth highlighting among the additional accessories and high-end components found on the Christini Fat 5 Ultra eBike since they will give safe and strong stopping power anytime in any weather or terrain.


This eBike also has a WTB Speed Gel pro seat, Ergon GP1 grips, and Race Face Chester pedals for added comfort.

Full Description of the Christini Fat 5 Ultra All Wheel Drive ebike



2023 Eunorau Specter S Full suspension ebike painted in sandy camo color. image is front facing on white background 


TheEunorau Specter Model is the company's most recent high-end offroad e-bike. Eunorau Specter outperforms the next best 1000W HS model in every way. 


The Bafang M620 motor, at the top of Bafang's portfolio, lies at the heart of the Specter's power. The M620 motor has several features, including mid-drive, 1000w, torque sensor, 160 nm torque, and throttle and pedal assist. In layman's terms, the engine has excellent balance, power, and usefulness, which seems natural. It is utilized in high-powered cargo, mountain, and high-speed cycles.


The DNM rear suspension distinguishes the Eunorau DEFENDER-S from the rest of our portfolio, transforming it into the ideal eBike. Take on any path in complete comfort and control.

Full Description of the Eunorau Specter S full suspension ebike


Final Thoughts


Riding the trails on an electric mountain bike is significantly more pleasurable than riding without power. The pedal assist almost eliminates the uphill strain, allowing you to focus all your energy and excitement on handling challenging obstacles and taking in the trail's natural beauty. Investing in one of the best electric mountain bikes is worthwhile whether you're looking for a serious bike for extreme trail riding or simply want to flow over easy gravel or dirt trails.


If you're looking for an e-MTB, you're probably aware that deciding which one is ideal for you might be difficult. We hope this in-depth comparison helps you select the best model for your riding style, terrain, and budget. This evaluation will be updated as new bikes become available and electric mountain bikes progress.


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