5 Best Full Suspension eBikes

5 Best Full Suspension eBikes

With the evolution of eBikes, hunting has been taken to another level and it has been one of the best improvements so far.

However, combine full suspension and an eBike and you'll get a silent beast that is able to take you anywhere even when you fully load it and haul your gear all the way.

It can be a pricey investment, but it's definitely an investment that will pay itself off in the long run.

Therefore, if you're stuck with making a decision, we know how you feel and that's why in this post, you can find the best full suspension eBikes we highly recommend after a number of tests and customer feedback.

All you have to do is grab a cup of coffee and get comfortable because, by the end of this post, you'll definitely have a winner that will fit all your needs perfectly!


Full suspension ebike


5 Best Full Suspension eBikes


#1 Storm by BAKCOU


BAKCOU Storm Full Suspension eBike


If you find getting to your location a bit difficult, especially with your gear, the Storm eBike will take you from the hustle of everyday life to your favorite hunting locations (no matter how remote they are) with ease.

You'll never have to worry about getting anywhere, and if you need to get somewhere quickly - there is no better full suspension eBike than Storm by BackCountry eBikes.

Power Options

Depending on the terrain you're usually tackling, Storm has the ability to come with two power options where you can choose between 750W and 1000W option.

No matter the power you go for, your Storm eBike will be equipped with a Bafang Ultra mid-drive motor that features a torque sensor.

If you don't know much about motors, you can trust us when we say that this is one of the best motors on the market right now - and it's no surprise it's being used for hunting bikes.

Storm Full Suspension Mid Drive motor

Combine your preferred motor option with a 48-volt battery that allows you to go to extended distances, and you'll be good to go on any adventure.

Silent yet Effective

Hunters who relied on quads or ATVs know that in order to gain speed and ability to tackle different terrain, they had to sacrifice stealth.

Now, with electric hunting bikes, you don't have to sacrifice anything. Yet instead, you will move like a silent stalker being backed up with the full efficiency of the ultra-silent motor.

Load Capacity

No, you won't need to sacrifice any gear by leaving it behind because Storm allows you to carry up to 300 pounds without slowing down even a little bit.

And if that's not enough, you can always attach a trailer to expand your storage space and carry anything exceeding the 300 pounds bike limit.

Most Helpful Features

One of our favorite features is the LCD display which is very bright (even under the brightest sun) and is easy to read and use.


Storm Full Suspension Color Display


You'll always be up to date with the most important information about your bikes such as the mileage, battery percentage, and other useful information.

Other than decently-sized LCD display, you'll enjoy the power of hydraulic disc brakes that will stop you safely and rapidly, you have full control.

Various Colors

BackCountry eBikes has gone so far to even feature three different colors of the Storm eBike.

Therefore, you can choose your favorite color to camouflage yourself in the forest with the following colors:

  • Tan
  • Matte Black

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#2 RidgeRunner by QuietKat


RidgeRunner Fat Tire 


If you love exploring parts where no hunter has ever gone before, the RidgeRunner by QuietKatis the right eBike you should be looking into.

It features one of the best full-suspensions you can expect on a hunting bike, and with no surprise, you'll be able to handle the hardest terrains you've ever faced.

Fire-Link Suspension System

Since RidgeRunner is the number one electric hunting bike when it comes down to exploring the unexplored terrain - it's no surprise it's being built on a Fire-Link suspension system.

RidgeRunner rear Suspension

That's a suspension system that features a true four-bar linkage to provide the best possible traction. Combine such suspension with a 4 piston hydraulic disc brakes, you'll have full control and capability to technically tackle any off-road terrain.

Combine it with your ideal frame size and preferred motor options - and you'll be good to go exploring with miles and miles of adventure on 2 wheels.

Motor Options

Just like the previous full suspension electric bike, RidgeRunner gives hunters a choice between 750W and 1000W motor that will power through any type of terrain.

Combined with fat tires, you can forget about getting a puncture and yet instead, focus on improving your riding skills so you can take RidgeRunner somewhere no other hunter has ever been before.

Even if you opt-in for a 750W motor option, you'll still have a motor full of torque to pull you through the deepest mud, if it ever comes down to it.

Available Size

What's really brilliant to see from QuietKat is the ability to choose the bike frame size in order to fit the bike a bit better to your body in order to experience the most comfortable ride.

Even though there are only two sizes, 17" and 19", they're considered to be a medium and large size which will fit 98% of the hunters.  It’s important that you get the right frame size for you, so you feel in control when navigating those tricky terrain locations your eBike will be tackling.

No other sizing is necessary and you'll be ready to get on the bike and ride to your favorite location in no time.

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#3 Quantum by Quietkat



When you have only one goal which is to find the most capable electric hunting bike out there - Quantum is definitely your number one choice.

Quantum by Quietkatis a full-suspension eBike that will power through the roughest terrain and make it look easy - even if you're hauling your gear.

150mm Suspension

An upgraded 150mm suspension offers comfort through both front and back suspension system that is engineered specifically for off-road travel.

Combine it with a 4 piston hydraulic disk brakes and you'll know that truly only sky is the limit. Such combination gives you everything you will ever need to tackle some of the toughest terrains out there. Of course, with a few other features, you can see below.

27.5" Wheels

Fat 27.5" wheels will take you almost anywhere and you can forget about the troubles. Also, they go really well with the aggressive frame that are just other great aspects of this bike which will definitely take you anywhere, even if that means climbing the steepest heels out there.

Powerful yet Lightweight Frame

Even though Quantum features a pretty aggressive frame we've mentioned before, it's fairly lightweight for such a bike. On the other hand, it's very durable and powerful - which just goes well along with the powerful motor and set of wheels that are made to take you anywhere.

With such a strong frame and powerful torque designed motor, you'll be able to haul as much equipment as you can place on the bike and still you won't be losing any power at all.

Climb the Steepest Heels

With the upgraded components such as wide-range 9-speed gearing and stainless steel chain, you'll be able to cover about 25 miles and even climb the steepest heels (if you really have to).

On the other hand, whenever you're descending, no matter the terrain - you'll always feel confident and have full control over the Quantum eBike.

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#4 Cougar by Emojo


Emojo Cougar Full Suspension


Is your hunting terrain full of uphills and downhills? How about combining a hunting bike with everyday activities?

If you're looking for versatility, Cougar is the perfect eBike that still has plenty of power to offer.

Long-Distance Range

Cougar by Emojois the perfect eBike if you're looking to cover some serious distance, especially if you're facing rough terrain most of your trip. On the other hand, it's a great electric bike if you're going for a ride with your friends or cruising around town.

With a 10.4 Ah battery, you can ride for about 30 miles on a single charge before you need to put it back on a charger. It's a very reliable bike for long routes where you won't find yourself checking the battery percentage constantly.

Dual Disk Brakes

Whether you're tackling uneven roads, bumps, nature trails, or tougher trails - dual disk brakes will help you to always be in control of the bike.

It features dual disk sports brakes which offer plenty of stopping power so you can even ride downhill on tight routes and still feel confident.


Fork and rear suspension easily absorb harsh shocks and bumps which is ideal for riding in any type of terrain and yet feel comfortable and secure on the bike.

The rear suspension is something we've really liked since it's an air-adjustable suspension that is simple to operate, and even simpler to maintain.

Durable Aluminum Frame

Even though this bike is made for the roughest roads and trails - it's still not the heaviest bike out there. In fact, its durable aluminum frame keeps the weight relatively low but offers durability.

So you can haul up to 330 lb of weight and never worry about the heavy use you put this bike through since it's built to handle it.

Comfortable yet Efficient Ride

No matter how good a hunting bike is, most hunters still require a great level of comfort - and that's exactly what you can expect from Cougar eBike.  While not designed for hunting it’s more of an all purpose eBike.

Previously mentioned air-adjustable rear shock allows you to adjust the bike for either a softer or stiffer ride, depending on your route.

This allows you to have more comfort but also control during turns, which is quite important.

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#5 Stalker by BackCountry eBikes


Stalker Folding Full Suspension eBike


When you're ready to travel a lot and reach unreachable locations, you'll need a lot of power yet compact electric hunting bike that will take you anywhere.  The Stalker folds up so it's extremely portable.

In this case, the Stalker by BackCountry eBikes is the perfect choice for anyone from younger hunters to most experienced ones out there. You just need to be eager to travel for your prizes.


Stalker eBike folding mechanism


Powerful yet Affordable

This must be one of the most affordable hunting bikes, and if you don't have a lot of money to invest - Stalker is the best eBike you can get.

It features a 750W motor that creates a maximum momentum with the help of a 48V battery and can take you about 20 miles before you need to recharge it.

And even though it's one of the most affordable electric hunting bikes, it's as good as other options - and is even compact, hence why it's being listed on our best 5 list.

Silent but Quick

The Stalker is a very quiet bike even when you're traveling in the wild, which only alarms fewer animals around you. This leaves you with silent & compact transportation that will take you from A to B, and of course, help you bag that elusive game.

Carry Everything You Need

Even though this is a compact version of a hunting bike, we've already mentioned that it's equally powerful as other hunting bikes - and what we should mention also is that it can carry as much as any other hunting bike out there.

For the affordable price you pay, you really get a great value if you ask us. Stalker has a capacity of up to 300 pounds and even has plenty of room for your needs.

Compact yet Solid Construction

You shouldn't mistake the compactness of this eBike for a weakness. It features very solid construction that won't only take you anywhere you want to go but will last for long.

Rough terrains and steep climbs are just a fun challenge for this eBike and definitely aren't stress.

Believe us when we say that this bike is really made to handle abuse, and even keep going strong thanks to its aluminum alloy frame which will never rust.

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So there you have it.  Our 5 best Full Suspension eBikes.  If you're looking for something for logged roads or hunting you could also take a look at our choices for the Top 7 Electric hunting Bikes for 2019.  between these 2 posts, you'll find your next eBike!

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