5 Best Big Wheel Electric Bike For Hunting

Big Wheel Electric Bike


Electric bicycles have transformed one of the world’s favorite modes of transportation - cycling! It is becoming a staple, modern way to go around town because it’s environmentally-friendly and easy to use. There are a variety of electric bike niches, one of which is the Big Wheel Electric Bike. 

This type of electric bicycle is like no other. If you’re someone who loves going on adventures, the Big Wheel Electric Bike is the right fit for you. It enables riders to travel across terrains with deep sand, snow, and other kinds of rough surfaces. They are simply a joy to ride. 

Let’s find out how big wheel electric bikes work and how they are able to revolutionize the ordinary bicycle. 


What To Expect

Generally, electric mountain bikes are very convenient and cost-effective. Other than saving you time and money, they are also a breeze to use. 


Big Wheel Electric Bikes functions like any other e-bicycle, but they are gaining more attention for its versatility and practicality in handling any weather or terrain. They can run at fast speeds with high durability. It has an amazing off-road performance, but you can also use them for daily-rides. 


However, they also have some downsides. It may be difficult to pedal up and down if you have heavy baggage, it’s also highly dependent on electric power, and elderly or disabled people may not be able to use them. 

The Technicalities

Before you invest in a big wheel e-bike, it’s important to know its parts and characteristics so you may have criteria in choosing the right type that fits your preference. The three main parts are the motor, battery, and sensor. These ensure that your big wheel bike is running at a safe pace. If you’re in the market for long and extreme rides, then you should pay close attention to its motor and battery specs and opt for more powerful ones. 


The battery and motor greatly affect the speed and range of your e-bike. 


Design and control features are also essential to consider because they provide support and stability to your electric bike, these are the frame, suspension, brakes, and tires. 


Apart from these features, you can also look for other variations. For instance, there is some e-bike that can be folded so you can easily carry it around. Taking a bike at night? Then also consider having bright lights in your e-bike. If you're fond of cycling around parks or gardens, then you should find an e-bike that has good suspension forks. 


5 Best Big Wheel Electric Bikes

There are many models out there. You can definitely select one that fits your needs. Now that you have an idea of what to look out for in buying your big wheel e-bike, here are five of the best Big Wheel Electric Bikes on the market to help you start off. 

1. The Rebel 1000W Truetimber

Rambo Rebel Electric Hunting Bike

The Rebel 1000W Truetimber

This e-bike is built for adventures as it can withstand any environment. It runs on a powerful 1000-watt motor that can reach 28 miles per hour. The Rebel 1000W Truetimber uses a heavy-duty aluminum frame that is unsusceptible to rust. For tires, it features a 4.8-inch wide Maxxis Minion, perfect for any surface. 


Aside from this, you’ll also get premium components such as the Panasonic Battery (14.5 a/h), Selle Royal A027HEO Saddle, Wellgo B8D7DU Pedals, and the 770-mm wide Promax handlebars. 


Your safety is also secured as this electronic bike uses 203mm hydraulic disc brakes for both downhill and city rides. 


Known for: 

  • Heavy built frame perfect for any type of weather 
  • High-power motor 
  • Hydraulic disc brakes 

2. Electric Juggernaut MDV by Rungu 

If you want more support for your ride, consider this unique model by Rungu bikes. It has three wheels and a 1000-watt motor, guaranteed to give you a secure ride from start to finish. The Electric Juggernaut also uses a 4.8-inch ultra-wide Maxxis oversized tires, best for riding on snow, sand, and rocky paths. 


What sets this model apart is having both internal and rear wheel gearing. Its formidable motor also allows easy riding in pedal assist and throttle. 


From rough trails, steep hills, to beaches and icy roads, the Electric Juggernaut MDV is built for any ride. It features a 15 a/h battery that can run for about 53 miles, so you can go on long treks without worrying about recharging. 


Known for: 

  • Three big tires with two on the front
  • Triple grip and cushion 
  • All-weather gear such as rustproof aluminum frame, inner motor gearing, and sealed bearings

3. Ranger by QuietKat

Ranger by QuietKat

Quietkat has released this big wheel electric bike to cater to long-distance and adventure riders. With 4.5 inch wide tires, this bike is great for traversing across soil and snow. You also have the option to choose between a 750-watt and a 1000-watt version. 


The Ranger is a perfect fit for experienced bikers that are looking for advanced features but is still easy to use. It uses a pedal-assist that ensures range while the motor is connected using a stainless steel chain. 


One unique thing about the Ranger is you can easily find your pace using the 7-speed Sram gearing. It is also made in a single-speed gearing model if you’re looking for a more extreme ride. 


Known for: 

  • Spring coil hydraulic suspension 
  • LCD Display 
  • Premium Panasonic Battery inside a Weatherproof housing

4. Wildcat by Emojo

Wildcat by Emojo

Big wheel electric mountain bikes can also be used by beginners and leisure-bikers, especially the Wildcat. This model is the right match for those who are looking for a simple yet powerful bike. Its design features a sturdy mountain bike frame with 4-inch wide big Kendra tires that runs on a 500-watt DC brushless motor. 


It also features 26-inch rims that secure your journey, especially on bumpy and rocky terrains. 


If you want an e-bike that’s very convenient to use but is also stylish in appearance, the Emojo bikes are a great choice. It has a thumb throttle and pedal assist and enables you to ride up to 25 miles with just one charge. 


Known for: 

  • USB Port for charging your devices
  • Lithium-Iron Phosphate battery with weatherproof housing 
  • Dual Disc brakes 

5. EW Supreme by BAM Power Bikes

EW Supreme by BAM Power Bikes

The BAM bikes are one of the crowd favorites. It has a cool modern design that gives you comfort during extreme rides. It features a 750-Watt rear hub motor and a front suspension that gives you a smooth off-road and around town-ride. The BAM Nomad can run 25-45 miles at a single charge. 


It caters not only to advanced riders but also to those who are just starting out. 


Known for: 

  • Front and rear LED Lights 
  • Rigid aluminum frame 
  • 48 Volt 14AH Samsung battery


The demand for Big Wheel Electric Bikes is definitely growing - and they are here to stay for many years to come. These bikes are known for their capacity to traverse any kind of terrain at fast speeds without compromising your safety. 


In essence, make sure to invest in a big wheel electric mountain bike that satisfies all of the qualities you are looking for whether it’s about brand, specs, or price. With the size of the market today, you can surely find the perfect one that can take you to your adventures. 


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