Top 3 Hunting Outfitters in Wisconsin

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1. Turtle Creek Outfitters

At Turtle Creek Outfitters, you'll find hardwood ridges, tangled creek bottoms, agricultural fields, and trophy bucks. They reduced our maximum number of hunters to just a few per year. Our under-harvesting (along with having great neighbors) has helped maintain a steady stream of trophy bucks. The past few years have been very successful.

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2. Rutting Ridge Outfitters & Lodge

The lodge is located along the banks of the Mississippi River, right in the heart of Buffalo County. Their 3-bedroom 9 bed lodge is rich in scenery, and recreational opportunities. Whether you enjoy shopping, boating, fishing, hunting, bird watching, hiking or biking, you're sure to find it here. It's a great place to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

If you are into fishing, the Mississippi River is a great place to catch all kinds of fish from walleye, bass, northern pike, pan fish and the list goes on.

The Barn Lodge was built in 2015. The barn lodge has two bedrooms with up to 8 beds to accommodate large groups. With two bathrooms/showers and Mini-kitchen, you will find the same luxuries of home, but in an outdoor paradise.

You can checkout their website using the following link.  

3. Driftless Region Outfitters

They pride them self on being 100% fair chase. Because of this, they can't control when or how the deer move, nor can we control the weather. They do not bait since they are in counties that do not allow baiting. Please do not go to DRO expecting a high fence hunt. Even though they spend all year scouting and know their properties, sometimes Mother Nature just doesn't cooperate with us.

Before arriving at DRO, they ask that you practice with your equipment. They will have targets to shoot at during your hunt, but please make sure your equipment is in tip top shape before arrival.

You can checkout their website using the following link.  

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