Top 3 Hunting Outfitters in Vermont

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1. Whitetail Strategies Guide Service

Whitetail Strategies Guide Service is a professional Outfitter and guide service located in the Green Mountain State of Vermont. Whitetail Strategies Guide Service conducts most of the Vermont hunting and fishing trips in the Benson Vermont area, with a few exceptions for some snowshoe hare hunting and moose hunting in northern Vermont. 

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2. Tundratour Consultants

For over 35 years TUNDRATOUR has been the preferred choice of thousands of sportsmen & women when it comes to adventure travel. Starting as the prominent American booking agency for caribou hunting in the Canadian arctic back in the early 80's to our current representation of quality destinations for all of North America's big game species. Their service continues to be personal and professional.

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3. Moose Country Guide Service

They are located on the border of New Hampshire's Great Northwoods & Vermont's Northeast Kingdom.  They are situated in the heart of some of New England's best moose & bear hunting and exceptional wildlife habitat, as well as being home to some outstanding trout and bass fishing.

MCGS caters not only to hunters and fisherman, but to all nature enthusiasts. In addition, they guide  both amateur and professional photographers. Here they will have the opportunity to capture images of the many unique species here in New Hampshire and Vermont, primarily the majestic moose.

Whether it's a hunting, fishing or photography adventure or just a wildlife viewing or moose tour, with over thirty years of hunting, fishing and outdoor experience and an intimate knowledge of the region, Brian Emerson, your Moose Country Guide, will provide you with an educational, memorable and long-cherished outdoor experience.

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