Top 3 Hunting Outfitters in South Dakota

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1. Northern Plains Outfitters

They are a full-service, full-time hunting operation that has been in existence for 20 years. Their South Dakota pheasant hunting guides know what it takes to make your adventure memorable and successful. The owners of the Northern Plains Outfitters are active guides in the operation and will be with you every step of the way during your adventure. They hunt over 25,000 acres of professionally managed hunting ground which insures abundant populations of pheasants and deer.

You can checkout their website using the following link.  

2. Coteau View Hunts

Coteau View Hunts' pheasant hunting lodge has a rustic atmosphere with unique characteristics. In the mid-to-late 1950s it was a newly constructed granary, holding up to 9000 bushels at one time, which in its day was a huge confined area. Today, they have added 3,500 square feet of living quarters for visiting hunters and their South Dakota pheasant hunting guides. 

For entertainment and relaxation while at the pheasant hunting lodge, you can play a game of pool while others try their luck at a game of cards at the gaming table.

You can checkout their website using the following link.  

3. Bob's South Dakota Hunting Service

Located in south central South Dakota’s Gregory County, Bob’s South Dakota Hunting Service is in the middle of the best pheasant habitat in the nation. With ravines covered with scrub oaks and hardwoods adjacent to the abundant farm land, Bob’s also has some of the premier whitetail deer and turkey hunting in the state. Coyote are frequently seen lurking in the cover or loping across the farm ground.

You can checkout their website using the following link.  

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