Top 3 Hunting Outfitters in South Carolina

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1. South Carolina Trophy Hunters

They have 12,000 acres of prime hunting land which consists of farmland that contains rich high levels of protein food sources, such as:  ACORNS, PLANTED PEAS, SOYBEAN, CORN and PEANUT FIELDS.  They plant the finest food plots 3 timers per year and have corn feeding stations throughout the year for the deer, hog and wildlife.  

They offer 150+ comfortable ladder stands with shooting rails and 2 person stands, 20 ft. enclosed tower stand and tripods, easy access ground level shooting houses. 

Here at South Carolina Trophy Hunters we offer a relaxed family oriented atmosphere with comfortable lodging and meals provided.  They invite sportsmen and their families to come and experience "South Carolina Low Country Hunting" at its best with South Carolina Trophy Hunters.  

You can checkout their website using the following link.  

2. Blackwater Hunting Services

Since 1996, Blackwater Hunting Services has been South Carolina's premier outfitter for guided deer, turkey, hog and quail hunts. Located in the Low Country of South Carolina, an area well known for it's southern hospitality, abundance of wild game, very liberal game limits and lengthy hunting seasons.

You can checkout their website using the following link.  

3. Low Country Hunting Lodge

Low Country Hunting Lodge is South Carolina's leading wild hog and whitetail deer hunting outfitter. They provide 100% Fair Chase Hunts with High Opportunity Rates! We are located in Garnett, South Carolina, just 4 miles from the Savannah River and in the heart of the best South Carolina hunting. They specialize in offering individuals or small groups a unique opportunity to hunt wild hogs and whitetail deer in a beautiful historical setting, with everything provided including amazing home-cooked meals and comfortable lodging.

You can checkout their website using the following link.  

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