Top 3 Hunting Outfitters in North Carolina

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1. Backwoods Trophy Outfitters

Backwoods Trophy Outfitters located in Hertford County, North Carolina. They have over 10,000 acres of private land located throughout Hertford, and Bertie Counties. Here at Backwoods Trophy Outfitters, North Carolina’s premiere whitetail hunting destination, they specialize in whitetail deer, black bear, and eastern spring gobbler hunts. They offer up to 5 day hunts, lodging and 3 meals a day. Hunters can choose from various stand locations such as pine blocks, hardwood ridges, swamp bottoms, and crop fields. The majority of our stands are 4′x4′ tower stands, anywhere from 11′ to 16′ to shooting rail, they have tops on them to ensure hunting even through some of the worst conditions. They have some ladder stands, and climbing stands for the serious bow hunter.

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2. Carolina Woods & Water Outfitters

Carolina Woods & Water continues to offer quality North Carolina deer hunting experiences in northeastern NC. They remain dedicated to providing their deer hunters with lifelong memories and unforgettable North Carolina deer hunting experiences. They look forward to hosting new and old hunters, alike, on a top-notch, first-class North Carolina deer hunt!  Carolina Woods & Water offers a chance to deer hunt 15,000 acres in Halifax and Edgecombe counties. You will have the opportunity to hunt deer in lush agriculture areas, thick cut-over's, pristine hardwood ridges, and open swamp bottoms.

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3. BlueDark Outfitters

 BlueDark Outfitters offers guided hunts, for not only whitetail deer, but also black bears, and spring turkeys, on land that has been managed, farmed, and hunted by the same family for generations. In addition to grain fields, the terrain includes swamp bottoms, hardwoods, pine blocks, and marshy areas.

You can checkout their website using the following link.  
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