Top 3 Hunting Outfitters in New York

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1. River Bay Outfitters

River Bay Outfitters is a family owned business.  Paul has been an avid fly fisherman for 30 years.  He has fished in South America, Montana and up and down the East Coast.  Paul belongs to many fishing and conservation groups where he gives talks about local waters and demonstrates fly tying.

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2. South Valley Outfitters

They hunt various parts of Lake Ontario and the Finger Lakes, along with private property. They target Sea Ducks, Diving Ducks and Dabbling Ducks.  Their equipment is state of the art and garnished by a 23′ Duck Water Boat, that goes where others can't. On calmer days their single man Bankes Pumpkinseed lay-out boats are truly an experience by itself. These little boats are U.S. Coast Guard rated for 300 lbs. and sturdy making it the perfect ambush duck hunt.  Lodging is available upon request.

You can checkout their website using the following link.  

3. Easton View Outfitters

Located between Albany, NY and Southern Vermont, Easton View Outfitters, has the hunting adventure that you have been looking for.  Easton View Outfitters was founded in 2005 at the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains,  providing magical views of the Green Mountains of VT and home to a variety of wild game.

Easton View Outfitters offers trophy management ranch hunts as well as free range hunting. They have Whitetail deer, Elk, Fallow deer, sika deer, hogs, rams, and pheasant.

You can checkout their website using the following link.  

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