Top 3 Hunting Outfitters in New Jersey

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1. Falling Leaf Outfitters

They are based in Pemberton, New Jersey and they offer whitetail deer hunts, turkey hunts and coyote hunts on both a membership basis as well as guided hunts to both new and experienced hunters alike. Their properties are located within the farm-belt of Burlington County, New Jersey and they are expanding their properties every year.

Today, Falling Leaf Outfitters manages over 850 acres of leased and owned properties with over 80+ steel ladder stands, ground blinds, and portal stand locations. They provide seasonal deer hunting memberships to about 50 - 60 individuals and offer fully guided hunts throughout all of the deer hunting seasons. With our hundreds of acres of working farms and natural locations, Falling Leaf Outfitters has customized natural corn and planted sorghum strips, hedgerows, meadows, small wood lots and natural ponds for your hunting enjoyment. Their fully-guided coyote hunting opportunities offer day or night hunting in New Jersey.

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2. Medowview Preserve

Located in Hancock’s Bridge, Southern New Jersey (less than 30 minutes from the Delaware Memorial Bridge), Meadowview Preserve has offered superb upland hunting and waterfowl hunting for discriminating sportsmen since 1992.

Situated in close proximity to the Delaware River and surrounded by hardwoods and tidal marshes, our pristine property features some of the finest natural cover around. The natural flora, coupled with our hundreds of acres of managed gamebird cover, create ideal upland bird and waterfowl habitat.

Their dedication to the hunter and to the quality of the hunt is second to none. Our knowledgeable, professional, friendly guides make every hunt enjoyable and productive, and our unique approach to hunting gives you a perfect alternative to hunting at typical, commercialized game preserves.

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3. Bent Creek Preserve

Bent Creek is an upland pheasant hunting preserve located in Allentown, NJ, about 5 miles west of Six Flags Great Adventure.  Bent Creek is now into its 19th season.   They have just under 500 acres of private land managed strictly for bird hunting consisting of sorghum, sudan, wild grasses and small wood lots.  Each party will have its own exclusive hunting area. 

You may hunt over your own dog or hire one of our guides with his own dog.  They offer a clubhouse, a banquet room for larger parties, restrooms and changing areas for your post-hunting relaxation.  Please feel free to bring your lunch, or they have takeout menus available.    

You can checkout their website using the following link.  

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