Top 3 Hunting Outfitters in Connecticut

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1. Millstream Hunting Preserve

Millstream Preserve was founded in 1996 by Don Favry with the intention of establishing the premier upland bird shooting experience in New England. Their preserve has widely varying terrain, and they can tailor your hunt to your ability and desire. From level and clear trails and fields, to paths that can accommodate scooter-assisted mobility, you can have a wonderful upland experience no matter what the age and mobility requirements of your group. Additionally, they offer wild game hunts on over 2,000 acres of leased farmland.

During the Connecticut hunting seasons, they offer outstanding deer, duck, turkey, geese, rabbit and coyote hunts. They think they have succeeded on all counts, and they invite you to experience Millstream Preserve with us. This exceptional sporting experience is within an easy drive of Hartford, New Haven New London, and most anywhere in Connecticut, as well as, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, NYC or State. Their guided hunts are available seven days a week from September 15th through March 31st every year.

Because they are a private hunting preserve no hunting license is required to hunt ”Upland Game” at Millstream. This applies to both residents and non-residents of Connecticut.

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2. Markover Hunting Preserve

While the majority of their hunts are behind pointing or flushing dogs, tower shoots or continental shoots are also very popular. Twelve stations or buts are spread in a large circle around a central tower. These stations are far enough away from the tower so it is barely visible or in most cases not seen at all from the stations.

Each station has 2 shooters and the birds come over the tree tops at full speed creating an extremely challenging shots for even the most seasoned shooters.

You can checkout their website using the following link.  

3. Housatonic River Outfitters

Housatonic River Outfitters, Inc. is a full service fly shop, outfitter, lodging and guide service. For over twenty years we have been your fly fishing resource, supplying you with the finest quality fly fishing equipment, tying materials, guide services, schools, exotic trips, used and consigned fishing equipment, technical clothing, maps, waders and information on local activities and services.

Located in the "Northwest Corner" of Connecticut, we guide on the Housatonic River, Farmington River and local streams, lakes and ponds. The Housatonic and Farmington rivers are the finest drop fisheries in New England and are open to fishing 365 days a year.

The fly shop is located on Housatonic River famous for some of the most prolific mayfly and caddis hatches in the east. They constantly monitor the hatches, Go to the northwest corner for truly memorable fly fishing experience!

You can checkout their website using the following link.  

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