Breakdown of Fat Tire Electric Bike Types

Breakdown of Fat Tire Electric Bike Types

Ultimate Breakdown of Each Type of Fat Tire Electric Bike

A fat tire electric bike can venture off-road, on snow, and down an alleyway all the same. See a breakdown of the different types here.

Electric bicycles have been around for a lot longer than you may realize. In fact, the first patents for them were in 1895 and 1899. They have grown in popularity over the last 20 years, though.

Today these eco-friendly motorized bicycles are the perfect solution for getting around quickly. Their quiet operation means you can use them anywhere from the city street to the middle of the woods.

Use this guide to figure out which fat tire electric bike is perfect for your needs.

Hunting eBikes

HUnter with Quietkat electric bike

The cardinal rule of hunting is to be quiet, so you don't disturb the wildlife. After all, how do you hunt if you've scared everything away?

Most people opt to simply walk to their duck blind or deer stand. However, this leaves you carrying all of your equipment and gear. This can equate to a lot of work and no fun on your part.

What you need is an electric hunting bike. They are quiet and allow you to move quickly. They also eliminate the issue of a scent trail. When you walk, you leave a trail of your scent wherever you go. This gives the animals a heads up that you are in the area.

Because you can move faster than on foot, you can get to your spot faster. Or you can travel further than everyone else that's on foot. Now you can hunt in the remote, unspoiled spots that are out of reach of the weekend warrior.

If you have trail cameras, you'll need to check them; an electric bike can turn this all-day chore into a quick and easy task. You can zip down the trails at a brisk 20 to 30 miles per hour.

Your electric hunting bike can do more than move you around; it can help you haul your trophy home. Attach the deer trailer to the back and cruise home with ease.


Mountain eBikes

Emojo Wildcat Fat Tire eBike

You can do more with an eBike than just cruise down the city streets. There are eBikes made to be rugged. They can withstand abuse and perfect for heading out on the trail.

Take your mountain eBike camping and have a quick and easy way to get around. Just be sure to stay on the designated trails.

Don't think that the rugged nature of these bikes means you can't only ride them on the trail. They tackle jumping curbs and trips to the grocery store with ease.

When it comes to mountain bikes, you want an eBike that is at least 500 to 750 watts of power. You want to make sure the motor is powerful enough to assist you and keep you from getting tired.

Before you use your bike check with the local jurisdiction on the restrictions. Most areas of the country allow mountain electric bikes. Some areas limit the use of bikes that can reach over 28 mph.

While you are shopping for your next mountain bike, be sure to check out the available accessories. Use the cargo trailer to haul your gear while camping. Or you could use the kayak trailer for a little fun on the water.

To see the most sought after fat tire electric bikes take a look at this blog post where I pick the top 7.

City eBikes

City eBike by Emojo

If cruising the city streets or beach boardwalk is more your style then you'll love the city eBikes. They have a sophisticated elegance to them. You'll love the retro look.

People of all ages will feel comfortable while riding these bikes as the large tires absorb shocks and bumps. Older riders that may have trouble with bumps on traditional bikes will appreciate the smoothness of these eBikes.

Keep in mind that while they are perfect for cruising the streets, they are not designed for the trails or offroading. Keep this in mind when shopping for your eBike, you don't want to get left behind.

Since you're cruising the city streets, a trailer may not be the smartest choice to carry your belongings. Instead, outfit your bike with dual-use pannier dry bags. Or you could put a frame on the back or a basket on the front.

Folding eBikes

You wish you could ride a bike, but you just don't have space for one when you're not using it. This is where the folding eBike comes in. It's smaller than a traditional bike, and it gets even smaller by folding in half.

The first thing you'll notice is the smaller wheels. This makes the bike much easier to carry around.

You will also notice that it has a higher seat than most bikes. This will give you a better advantage when maneuvering through city traffic.

These bikes are perfect if you are concerned about security. You can take this bike with you everywhere. Bring it on the train, into work, throw it in storage, or even in the trunk of your car.

To fold your bike, the handlebars and seat will detract down. Then the frame folds in half so that the two tires are next to each other. What you end up with is a compact cube that is lightweight and easy to carry.


Benefits of Fat Tire Electric Bike

After knowing different types of fat tire electric bikes, you should now hear its terrific benefits. There are several health benefits to riding these bikes. Not only that but it can also bring overall improvement to you and your lifestyle.


It is easy to use

The size of fat tire e-bikes is quite intimidating, especially to beginners. Since it’s big, people think that it’s hard to use. Contrary to its big size, fat tire e-bikes are comfortable for riders. These are great for beginners as they are less likely to fall off using them.


It helps you gain controls and balance

As mentioned, fat e-bikes are suitable for beginners because they have more control and balance. The reason behind this is simply the tires being fatter than regular ones. Fat tires have more rubber and more air which help them absorb vibrations.

Having more control and balance lessens the likelihood of getting injured. Hence, you’ll gain more confidence to try out a new adventure. The stability that the fat tires offer can help the riders go over bumps and uneven roads. They won’t easily lose control over rocks or any objects.


It brings comfort

Since fat tires have more air than usual, they can surely bear rough roads. You won’t feel the impact that a rough road can bring. Uneven terrain is not a problem because they can roll over rocks and gravel. It can provide you an enjoyable ride because you won’t have to worry about falling.

The increased amount of safety makes the riders go speeding. Going uphill or speeding over ice is all possible with fat tires. Riders can enjoy their ride without thinking of any injuries they may experience. Further, fat tires serve as a shock absorber which means that the impact you feel is being lessened by them.


It can bring you to any terrain

E-bikes with fat tires are truly worth the investment. They can bring you to any terrain without worrying about the dangers of falling off. Whether you want to go on an adventure in nature trails or rocky roads, they can handle that. Roads that are wet or full of snow are not hindrances for fat e-bikes.

You won’t worry about having damaged tires because fat tires are durable. Since they are thick, they are strong enough for rough surfaces. This gives them more advantages than thinner tires.


It provides a way of working out

Biking alone is an exhausting activity already. Since you carry and balance out your weight, it is already an intense workout. But with fat tires being heavier, you’ll have to use more force and energy. This results in higher calories burned and increased intensity of the activity. 


Using fat tire e-bikes targets mostly your leg muscles and core. This is due to your biking posture. If you’re planning to get fit, a fat tire e-bike is the one for you. Overall, fat tires bring a more positive impact on your health than regular bikes.

Get Your Own Fat Tire Electric Bike

Getting a fat tire electric bike can make your life easier. All you need to do is pick the right design and style for your needs.

Maybe you're looking to go hunting or camping; you'll want to choose a rugged bike. If you live in the city or ha limited to space, then the city or folding bikes will work great.

Buy your own eBike today and get to moving faster and further.


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