Top 9 Fat Tire Electric Bikes

Fat Tire Electric Bikes Review

Do you like to travel a different path? Maybe cruise down the beach?

Do you simply love biking and would like to extend your riding season?

This month is a great time to get yourself a fat tire electric bike.
Fat tire ebikes might be perfect for you. These rugged and unusually looking rides are not exclusive for off-roaders anymore. Electric fat tire bikes are all the rage as more and more riders realize their versatility and practicality in almost any weather or situation.

Aside from having great off-road performance, fat tire ebikes are probably among the best for daily riding. Fat tires usually create more traction compared to a regular bike tire but if you pump the tires up a lot there will be less surface of the tire touching the pavement. The motor helps too, you can use pedal assist or the throttle so you don't experience the traction as resistance.

If your daily commute means having to travel over rough roads, you should really try a fat tire ebike.

Couple using Bakcou Storm Fat Tire Electric Bikes

Fat Tire eBikes are perfect for getting around on paved roads or off-road. They’re great for commuting, sightseeing and more!

You can go farther with less effort thanks to the powerful electric motor that helps you pedal effortlessly up hills and over tough terrain. Plus, they're relatively lightweight so you won't break your back carrying them up stairs. And they don't require any gas or oil changes - just plug in and ride!

Scroll through our top picks and use the chat widget to ask a question if you have any while reading along.

There are a lot of great fat tire electric bikes out there, but when you're looking for the perfect bike for your needs it can be difficult to know which one is worth spending your hard-earned money on. We're here to help! Here's our list of the best fat tire electric bikes on the market today, so you can find one that suits your lifestyle.

We will tell you all about how and why these are some of the best possible options available. You'll also find information in here on what makes an excellent biking experience so important as well as tips for choosing a good bike shop if you need any assistance with making an informed purchase decision.

When it comes to choosing a fat tire electric bike, it's important to consider your specific needs and preferences. With numerous models available in the market, selecting the right one can make a significant difference in your biking experience. !

One key aspect to consider is the power and performance of the electric motor. The motor plays a crucial role in providing assistance while pedaling, especially on challenging terrains and steep hills. Look for a fat tire ebike with a powerful motor that offers sufficient torque and speed to meet your requirements. This will ensure that you can effortlessly conquer any obstacles in your path and enjoy a smooth and exhilarating ride. !

In addition to the motor, the battery capacity is another essential factor to consider. A high-capacity battery will provide you with a longer riding range, allowing you to explore further without worrying about running out of power. This is particularly beneficial for those who enjoy extended rides or need to commute longer distances on a daily basis. Opting for a fat tire ebike with a removable battery can also be advantageous, as it allows for easy charging and flexibility when it comes to battery replacements. !

Comfort is paramount when it comes to any biking experience, and fat tire electric bikes excel in this aspect. The wide and cushioned fat tires offer excellent shock absorption, providing a smoother and more comfortable ride, even on bumpy or uneven surfaces. These tires also provide increased stability and grip, making them perfect for various terrains such as sandy beaches, snowy trails, or muddy paths. With a fat tire electric bike, you can confidently traverse different landscapes and explore new environments, opening up a world of possibilities for adventure. !

Another advantage of fat tire ebikes is their versatility and adaptability. They are not limited to specific environments or weather conditions, making them a fantastic choice for year-round riding. Whether you want to cruise along the beach, navigate through city streets, or tackle off-road trails, a fat tire electric bike can handle it all. The electric assist feature allows you to control the level of assistance you need, making it easy to adjust your riding experience based on your fitness level or terrain requirements. !

When it comes to purchasing a fat tire electric bike, it's essential to choose a reputable bike shop that offers reliable products and excellent customer service. A knowledgeable and helpful staff can guide you through the selection process, providing valuable insights and recommendations based on your needs. Additionally, a good bike shop will provide proper maintenance and servicing options, ensuring that your bike remains in optimal condition for years to come. !

In conclusion, a fat tire electric bike is a fantastic investment for those who enjoy biking and want to extend their riding season. With their off-road capabilities, powerful motors, long battery life, and exceptional comfort, these bikes offer a thrilling and convenient riding experience. Whether you're commuting to work, embarking on an adventure, or simply enjoying a leisurely ride, a fat tire electric bike provides the versatility and performance to enhance your biking journey. So, hop on a fat tire electric bike and discover the joy of effortless exploration and exhilarating rides in any terrain or weather condition!


There are plenty of fat tire ebikes models out there. Make sure to pick one that suits your needs. Here are the best models out there, and the list has just been updated to include a new entry.
Here they are:

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Best Affordable 750w Fat Tire eBike

Rambo Roamer

Rambo Roamer Fat Tire Electric Bike


Rambo Roamer is an affordable heavy duty 750w Fat Tire eBike.

If ‘off-road bikes’ is your thing, the new Rambo Roamer mountain bike is a great choice. It’s hardtail frame sports extra-wide 4-inch puncture-proof fat tires and a powerful 750-watt Bafang mid-drive motor.

Fat Tire Electric Bike Battery

The Roamer 750W XC can reach up to 19 miles per hour and travels up to 19 miles using throttle alone.

Of course, you can travel longer distances by pedaling in pedal-assist mode, this model has 5 levels of pedal assist so you can find your sweet spot no matter where you take it. The Rambo Roamer is known for its low height of its frame. It is a good choice for shorter or lighter riders.

You will find it great for riding downhill or going over rocky terrain where other bikes might produce a jarring ride. The Roamer 750W XC sports 2 Piston Hydraulic brakes on both wheels for better control and stopping power.

It has four-inch Kenda Krusader tires, which are designed with a Kevlar anti-puncture lining to help riders avoid flats when travelling off-road. Furthermore, these tires have Rambo's built-tough solid double wall rims without holes, which prevent mud, water, debris, and sticks from getting inside and harming your tire. This is in contrast to other fat tire bikes on the market, which have holes inside the rim.

Rambo Roamer Fat Tire Electric Bike Motor
Roamer Fat Tire eBike Specs
Frame Aluminum Alloy 6061
Range Up to 35 miles
Battery 48v 14AH
Weight 63 lbs.
Weight Capacity 300 lbs


  • Heavy Built Frame Rated Up to 300 lbs.
  • Powerful Mid Drive Motor for Hill Climbing.
  • 4 Inch Puncture-proof Fat Tires.
  • Speed up to 19 miles per hour.


  • Takes about 7 hours to fully charge.

3 Wheel Fat Tire Electric Bike

Rungu Dualie

Rungu Dualie Fat Tire Electric Bike


Rungu Dualie is the best 3 Wheel Fat Tire Electric Bike on the market.

If you are looking for a more ‘stable’ ride, you may want to try three wheels like the Rungu Dualie. It features a huge 1000-watt motor that is really fun to use in throttle and pedal assist.

Two Rungu Dualie Fat Tire Electric Bikes on a mountain

Moreover, it has an internal AND rear wheel gearing that maximizes power. Most of all, this unusual fat bike sports THREE wheels – there are two on the front.

The Rubicon Trail Edition includes the “Double Up” Battery system, which doubles the practical range, BOX Prime 9 gearing, and a number of accessories chosen for their utility when tackling challenging terrain.

The Rungu Dualie features 4.8-inch ultra-wide Maxxis oversized tires rated for riding on the sand and snow.

Since it got three of them, the fat tire Electric Juggernaut offers triple grip and cushion compared to most models. It has a lot more cushion and grip compared to two-wheel rides. With its powerful motor, it still rides like an ordinary electric bike.

You will enjoy riding the Dualie around and over problematic trails and steep hills, traversing on the beach or on snowy roads. Designed for long treks, the Dualie features a large capacity 15 a/h battery capable of reaching a maximum of 53 miles.

Rungu Dualie Fat Tire Electric Bike being driven on sand
Rungu Fat Tire Electric Bike Specs
Top Speed 24 mph
Range Up to 53 miles
Battery 52v 15AH
Weight 86 lbs.
Weight Capacity 300 lbs


  • Essential All-Weather Features like Sealed Bearings, Inner Motor Gearing, and Rustproof Aluminum Frame.
  • 10-Speed Shimano Deore, PLUS Ultra-Low Bearing Designed for Climbing Very Steep Hills.
  • ATV-like Performance with its Three Tires. No Kickstand Needed!
  • 53 miles range
  • 4.8-inch ultra-wide Maxxis oversized tires


  • Takes about 7 hours to fully charge.

1000w Fat Tire Electric Bike

Quietkat Ranger

Rungu Dualie Fat Tire Electric Bike


Quietkat Ranger is the best 1000w hub drive Fat Tire Electric Bike on the market.

The new Ranger is a high performance electric fat bike, this model from Quietkat featuring long-range and rugged components, and it is heavily marketed to sportsmen and riders going deep into the woods.

Quietkat Ranger Fat Trie Electric Bike in a showroom

This bike sports thick 4.5-inch wide tires great for traveling on loose soil or snow. The Ranger is now available in both 750 watt and 1000 watt versions so you choose how much power you want.

The Ranger also features a pedal-assist that can extend the range. The motor is connected to the wheel hub via a durable stainless steel chain.

The Ranger is a great choice for intermediate and advanced users that value simple yet rugged features. It has a rustproof aluminum frame so you can safely bring the bike on the beach. It is one of the best fat tire ebikes.

The robust 7-speed Sram gearing makes finding your pace very convenient. But it's also available in a single-speed gearing set up for those tackling heavy brush where a derailleur would get smashed up. Enjoy the ride with the spring coil hydraulic coil suspension.

Quietkat Ranger Fat Tire Electric Bike with a trailer
Quietkat Ranger Fat Tire Electric Bike Specs
Motor/Class 1000W, 750W (Class 1,2,3)
Range Up to 48 miles
Battery 48v 12.8AH
Weight 65 lbs.
Weight Capacity 325 lbs


  • Rugged Features for Riding in Adverse Weather.
  • Premium Panasonic Batteries in a Weatherproof Housing.
  • Simple and Durable LCD Display.


  • Takes about 7 hours to fully charge.

Affordable Fat Tire Electric Bike

BAM Supreme

Bam Supreme Fat Tire Electric Bike


BAM Supreme is one of the best Cheap Fat Tire Electric Bike on the market.

The BAM Supreme is a new entry to the Top 9 List made by BAM Power Bikes, it's very similar to the RAD Rover and it has been very well received. BAM Power Bikes is the electric bike range from Ewheels, USA #1 mobility scooter maker.

Bam Supreme Fat tire electric bike on a mountain

Ewheels decided to put their experience and craftsmanship into ebikes and the results are nothing short of stunning.

The BAM Supreme is my personal favorite from their ebike line. It’s even more comfortable than it looks, and that’s saying something.

The BAM Supreme is ideal for so many demographics that it’s fast becoming as one of the top-selling fat tire ebikes.

Overall, The Bam Supreme is the perfect 2-wheeled companion for all your excursions, whether in the urban jungle or on an off-the-grid track.

Its powerful 750 watt geared hub motor is driven by a long lasting 48 volt Lithium-Ion battery that can last anywhere from 25 to 45 miles depending on how you ride.

Bam Supreme Fat Tire ebike dimensions
BAM Fat Tire eBike Specs
Frame Rugged Aluminum
Range Up to 25-45 miles
Battery 48v 14AH
Weight 68 lbs.
Weight Capacity 275 lbs


  • Rugged Aluminum Frame.
  • 4 Inch Fat Tires.
  • 750 Watt Powerful Motor.
  • 25-45 Miles Per Charge.


  • Takes about 7 hours to fully charge.

Fat Tire Electric Bike for Hunters

Bakcou Mule

Bakcou Mule Fat Tire Electric Bike


Bakcou Mule is one of the best selling Fat Tire eBike for hunters.

A very capable ride for serious trekkers, Bakcou offers durability and excellent performance in extreme weather conditions.

Bakcou Mule Fat Tire closeup

It features a heavy-built aluminum frame and 4-inch wide Maxxis Minion fat tires. The Mule has 26-inch rims and puncture-resistant tires, a 300-pound weight limit, and an extended 40-mile range that makes deep treks possible.

It has a thumb throttle and torque sensor pedal-assist that makes it possible to do speedy commutes or sprints even in adverse terrain or conditions.

It’s conventional, hardtail frame and new modern features set the Mule apart from other electric bikes. The Mule features an unconventional mid-drive Bafang Ultra with a 750-watt and a 1000-watt output, giving you options to choose between more power and more range.

With its rugged features, the Mule is a perfect ride for trekking in the mountains, riverside trails, or forest trails. Its extended range ensures you will not lose power in the middle of the ride.

Bakcou Mule Fat Tire Electric Bike
Mule Fat Tire eBike Specs
Motor Bafang Ultra Mid-Drive Motor
Range 40+ miles
Battery Panasonic 48v 17.4Ah-25AH
Weight 68 lbs.
Weight Capacity 300 lbs


  • Powerful and Uniquely Hi-tech Motor with Two Output Modes.
  • Heavy-Duty Frame and Tires Perfect for Harsh Environments.
  • Extended Long Range for Long Hours of Riding.


  • Takes about 7 hours to fully charge.

Fat Tire Electric Bike for Tough Terrain

Rambo Rebel

Rambo Rebel Fat Tire Electric Bike


Rambo Rebel is one of the best Fat Tire Electric Bike for tough terrain.

Built for tough environments, the Rebel 1000W Truetimber is also a great ride for enthusiasts and adventurers. It's a very popular ebike with outdoorsmen, made by Rambo Bikes.

Rambo Rebel Mule Fat Tire bike near a lake

It features a heavy-duty aluminum frame, which is great if you want something that will not succumb to rust. Have no problems in traction with its 4.8-inch wide Maxxis Minion tires.

It has a formidable 1000-watt motor, which is so powerful that it can bring the bike to a blistering 28 miles per hour on throttle alone. Enjoy speeding up on the road or when riding on sloping terrain.

Rambo Bikes also released a 750 Watt version for those conscious of the street legal requirements. The only difference between the 750 and 1000 is top speed unassisted, 20mph vs 28mph. The 750-watt model is aptly named R750XP.

The Rebel 1000W Truetimber is notable for its use of high-end components. You will get a Panasonic Battery (14.5 a/h), Wellgo B807DU Pedals, Comfortable Selle Royal A027HEO Saddle, and 770-mm wide Promax handlebars.

It has 203 mm hydraulic disc brakes in the front for good stopping power great for downhill and urban riding.

Rebel Fat Tire Electric Bike on a farm
Rebel Fat Tire eBike Specs
Motor Bafang 1,000W BBSHD High Torque Mid Drive
Range Up to 48 miles
Battery Samsung 48V 21AH
Weight 69 lbs.
Weight Capacity 300 lbs


  • Heavy Built Frame Great for Any Weather.
  • Very Powerful Motor.
  • Premium Bike Components.


  • Takes about 7 hours to fully charge.

Full Suspension Fat Tire Electric Bike

Bakcou Storm

Bakcou Storm Full suspension fat tire ebike in color tan on white background


Bakcou Storm is the best Full Suspension Fat Tire eBike on the market.

The Storm by BAKCOU comes in either 750 watt or 1000 watt, both versions are the Bafang Ultra mid drive so you get the best motor there is. The Storm is also Full Suspension (the only one one the list).

Bakcou Storm Fat Tire Electric Bike mounted on a vehicle

It’s built for extreme terrain and hills. It’s very agile and can go pretty much anywhere.

It was completely overhauled and upgraded in August 2019 and now is tougher and more powerful than before. This has 26"x4" fat tires.

With the extended distance battery made of Samsung cells with 48V, 17.4 can expect to get 40 miles on a single charge with the option to upgrade to a 21Ah battery for even longer range.

The Storm comes with many different components that help will help you get down the trail easier. This bike comes standard with an easy to read LCD display that allows you to keep up with important information like your speed and battery life.

This model is more of a joyride than a cruiser so choose wisely, if you choose the Storm you may have too much fun!

Backou Storm Fat Tire ebike closeup
Storm Fat Tire eBike Specs
Motor Bafang Ultra Mid-Drive Motor
Range 50+ miles
Battery Panasonic 48v 17.4Ah-25AH
Weight 72 lbs.
Weight Capacity 300 lbs


  • It's very solid and feels really rugged.
  • Full suspension so very smooth ride.
  • Air suspension is the smoothest available.
  • 4 piston hydraulic brakes
  • Comes with rear rack and fenders


  • Takes about 7 hours to fully charge.

Best Premium Fat Tire Electric Bike

The Megatron

Rambo Megatron electric bike on grass terrain


Rambo Megatron is the best Premium Fat Tire Electric Bike on the market.

Why is the Rambo Megatron All Wheel Drive eBike on the list? What’s better than one motor? Two motors! What’s better than one battery? Two batteries! The Rambo Megatron X2WD 1000 watt fat tire ebike is raw power and lots of it.

Packed out with dual batteries for extra range and 2 hub motors, one front and one rear for unparalleled traction. And you can switch between the motors so you can choose to cruise with the rear only or get 170Nm of traction by using both at the same time.

Rambo Megatron's On Demand all wheel drive gives you the options to switch from front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, and all-wheel drive with the press of a button. You can climb steep paths, deep snow, sandy beaches with ease in this fat tire ebike.

A nice benefit of having hub motors is the weakness of a mid drive motor. If the bike chain snaps under tension the mid drive bike is disabled but since the hub motors rotate the wheels without the need for a chain, you can still operate the bike and get safely back to camp by using the throttle.

Megatron Fat Tire ebike specs
Megatron Fat Tire eBike Specs
Motor Bafang 1000w Hub Motor x2
Range 80 miles
Battery Dual Samsung 48v 17ah
Weight 77 lbs.
Weight Capacity 300 lbs


  • Dual 1000 Motors gives awesome traction
  • Dual batteries for plenty of range - up to 80 miles in ideal conditions
  • And quite frankly, it's badass! You can use even when the bike pedal is broken.


  • Takes about 7 hours to fully charge.

Best Cheap Fat Tire Electric Bike

Himiway Cruiser

Himiway Cruiser Fat Tire electric bike


Himiway Cruiser is one of the best Cheap Fat Tire Electric Bike on the market.

Himiway Cruiser's design ideally combines unrivalled adaptability to challenging cycling circumstances with outstanding comfort.

With an 840Wh Samsung battery capacity and 750W motor power, a single range of 60 miles -- long life expectancy and distinguished performance is guaranteed. Plus, the 26-inch fat tires offer excellent grip and mechanical stability.

Himiway Cruiser is undoubtedly the most professional and cost-effective all-terrain fat tire electric bike in North America.

The Cruiser has a backlight display that provides information on speed, mileage, power, etc. It has a total payload capacity of 350 lbs, which means you can easily carry most of your cargo and game on it.

The single range can be up to 60+ miles per charge on pedal-assist mode and around 35 miles on pure electric power mode. Moreover, Himiway offers a 2-year warranty on batteries.

Himiway Cruiser Fat Tire ebike specs
Cruiser Fat Tire eBike Specs
Motor 750W Geared Hub Motor
Range 35-60 miles
Battery Samsung/LG Battery 48V 17.5Ah
Weight 72 lbs.
Weight Capacity 350 lbs


  • Affordable compared to other fat tire bikes.
  • High load capacity of 350 lbs.
  • 2-year warranty on batteries.
  • 60+ miles per charge.
  • Comfortable to ride on even on rocky roads.


  • Takes about 7 hours to fully charge.

Why Do Electric Bikes Have Fat Tires?

Benefits Of Choosing a Fat Tire Electric Bike

If you get yourself a fat tire ebike you have the flexibility to use it for a city commute or go offraod. Like I mentioned earlier, if you take it on paved roads you can pump the tires up so only the center of the tire is getting traction. This will ensure the fat tires are not slowing you down and will keep you from sliding on wet surfaces.

Then if you want to take it offroad or ride on loose or slippery terrain, you can lower the pressure so the tires flatten out a little more, giving you more traction and a safer, more stable ride. That’s not something you can do with conventional tires because they are so much smaller.

Another bonus is, if your ebike doesn’t have suspension, the fat tires can help create a smoother riding experience because they absorb more of the road bumps. While there is no replacement for good suspension, if you go with a rigid frame, fat tires can make a difference.

Riding a bike on the snow has always been a dicey practice. You never know when you’re going to washout or slide on an icey patch. While fat tires won’t completely eliminate the risk, better traction gives you a more secure ride and reduces the chances of a nasty fall.

Same principle for any loose soil or sand. Better traction means a safer ride.

Fat tires normally range from 4 inches to 5 inches wide. Compared to a conventional road tire (about 2 inches wide), you can see how fat tires on an ebike can only be a bonus for both safety and enjoyment.

Tire Pressure on Fat Tire Electric Bikes

When trying to decipher the best PSI (tire pressure) for the ride ahead it can seem confusing. But just remember, the more air you put in the tires the more the fill out and less tire will touch the ground. So for good paved roads, anywhere around 15-20 PSI is a good range. Ensuring less drag or traction.

While, if you’re going on sand, snow or any loose soil, 10PSI is a good balance. 10 PSI will have enough ‘cushion’ and will allow more of the tire surface to grip the ground and keep you from slipping and sliding.

Maintenance for your Fat Tire Electric Bike

The good news is, keeping your ebike is top condition is simple. Apart from the battery and motor, all other components are the same as you can find on a conventional bicycle. So pretty much any bike repair shop can fix 99% of issues that arise. And given the widespread use of electric bikes nowadays, those bike shops are familiar with electric bikes too. So a good bike shop in your town will be comfortable working on even the most complicated of challenge.

Luckily electric bikes don’t have many issues. Most of the components are the same on other bicycles so there are on mysteries there. Anyway, are you ready to see which models we’ve chose? Let get into the list

The Top 9 Fat Tire eBike list could have been Top 27 with all the new models coming out but 9 is a great start. If you have any feedback on this list just leave us a comment and we'll reply. Which of these is your favorite? Check out some of the best fat tire bikes for sale! Visit our shop now!

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