Top 7 Ebike Influencers in The World Today

Top 7 Ebike Influencers in The World Today

Ebikes have taken the biking world by storm!  As ebikes advance in technology, they are becoming more popular each and every day.  Behind this push are several major influencers who are changing the way we feel about the ebike industry.  Today, we are going to learn more about seven of the top ebike influencers in the world. 

 UPDATE:  Thanks to the feedback guys! you are awesome.  Micah is on there now.

Pete Prebus

Another person that has spent a lot of their own personal time promoting and educating the public about ebikes is Pete Prebus.  This influencer has created one of the largest ebike review sites in the world. offers a huge amount of information on many of the popular ebikes on the market today. 


A man that goes simply by the name of Bruno is making a name for himself in the ebike world.  While he does work for a major ebike company, he also does his part in educating the public about ebikes.  Bruno connects with his follower on his YouTube channel and makes some pretty awesome videos! Check out his 42kw trike (yes that's 42,000 watts he's built) on his channel, "so much POWEEEER"

Micah Toll

Micah Toll is probably the hottest name at the moment doing an amazing work on his YouTube channel, you can check that out here.  He also sells his DIY ebike and DIY Lithium battery books selling on Amazon + runs the VRUZEND battery build kit.

Philip Hillis

One of the world’s top ebike influencers is Philip Hillis.  Philip burst onto the ebike scene by creating some of the most popular Facebook groups related to the industry.  Now he is a household name and many people turn to his groups for knowledge and comradery. 


Court Rye

Founder of, Court Rye is an up and coming ebike influencer that has definitely made his mark on the world of ebikes.  Court has countless YouTube reviews that offer helpful information that consumers can count on.  His is also active on Facebook and often posts on a daily basis. 


Rob Roberts

When it comes to ebikes, not many people know more about these bikes than Rob Roberts.  As a ebike writer, Rob is one of the largest contributors to the Endless-sphere forum where he is known by his screen name “Spinningmagnets”.  He has also written countless articles related to ebikes on various other websites. 


Karl Gesslein

This blogger is one of the best in the industry and his blog has some really cool articles related to the ebike industry.  Some of the topics he covers on the blog include ebike safety, biking culture, ebike reviews and riding tips.  There are a ton of blog posts to choose from so finding one you enjoy won’t be difficult. 


There are many other people behind the ebike movement and this list could be longer, so if you think someone else should be on the list just send us an email at or leave a comment and we’ll be happy to include them here.


These ebike influencers are helping consumers and those new to the world of ebikes learn more about them.  They are helping shape the industry and they provide a valuable service.  So make sure that you check them out.  You just might learn a thing or two about ebikes if you do! 

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November 25, 2017

You forgot Micah from ebike school…

Bruno Bari Buccianti
Bruno Bari Buccianti

November 25, 2017

So many legends here and I’m part of this list… Ohhh yeaaahhh… thaaanks for the kind words John… so much POWEEEEEERRR =]

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