Nakto vs Himiway: eBike Brand Comparison

Nakto vs Himiway: eBike Brand Comparison

Have you been looking for eBikes for a while? Have you settled on a brand, or are you still undecided? Then, let me introduce you to two brands that are part of the best eBike manufacturers today: Nakto and Himiway.

While they are two distinct brands, they are both creating high-quality electric bikes that are suitable for all types of riders. So whether you're searching for an eBike for commuting or off-road riding,Himiway andNakto have you covered.

We'll offer additional information about both manufacturers and exhibit one of their greatest eBike to help you make your decision!

But I must tell you that it will be difficult!



Nakto is a California-based e-bike company recognized for its low-cost solutions. Placentia is home to the company's main headquarters and warehouse. However, it is not an American brand because the corporation is situated in China - specifically, Hangzhou City. The brand is highly regarded in its home nation as a leading e-bike maker.


It has been in business for almost a decade, having been started in 2010. It has gained traction over the years due to its concept of ensuring maximum cost while maintaining the highest possible quality. In particular, it entered the US market in 2016 when it established its first warehouse in Los Angeles.


It exudes a laid-back attitude and caters to the public with its abundance of e-bike options. But, aside from that, and despite its significant length, the firm is reluctant to divulge anything about its past as a full-fledged e-bike manufacturer.

Nakto Fashion Product Line


Nakto Fashion folding ebike Review


This and the Skylark lines are similar and are two of the most popular in Nakto's folding e-bike portfolio. However, it costs a little more than $50 than the latter and has a considerably different appearance overall.


It has a rear hub 250W motor and a 36V lithium-ion battery so it’s significantly weaker than the Himiway Cruiser. The range is adequate at 20 miles (32 kilometers), which is typical for Nakto. The torque of 50Nm is enough and will get you over most simple to moderate inclines. It's comparable to previous models in that it accelerates swiftly. Notably, it lacks the Shimano 6-speed derailleur seen on most versions, instead opting for a 3-speed. This e-nearly bike's a comprehensive set of attachments, including fenders, headlights, a rear seat, a kickstand, and a folding feature, making it well worth the dirt-cheap price tag.


What the majority of e-bike riders think about Nakto


Nakto's near-global existence already speaks enough about its appeal. Its rock-bottom costs will catch the attention of many e-bike users. Of fact, that only accounts for half of its apparent successful recipe. It further strengthens this with good to excellent quality.


It's challenging to think of a brand that sells e-bikes for this low price while ensuring somewhat strong motors and reasonable riding ranges. In summary, Nakto provides the complete, delightful e-bike riding experience without the bells and whistles seen in bikes built in the United States and Europe.




Himiway Zebra Step Through White


Himiway is an excellent pick if you're searching for a fat-tire electric bicycle for commuting or pleasure riding on and off-road. Himiway is a well-known e-bike manufacturer that has overtaken the e-bike industry. It specializes in producing fat-tire electric bikes for urban commuting and recreational riding on paved roads and mild trails.


Mike Magaruh founded the Himiway brand in 2017. After traveling around Asia, seeing the bicycling culture, and learning about local e-bike manufacturers, he collaborated with a few to create inexpensive and ecologically friendly electric bicycles.


Himiway is a business that sells directly to consumers. By removing merchants and third parties from the food chain, this business strategy decreases end-product prices. This is a modern method that more and more e-bike manufacturers are adopting. Although the partnership with eBike Generation ensures no extra costs for the customer as we keep the original price.


Himiway bikes, according to the company's official website, are inspired by Ernest Hemingway's essential attitude to life. Their rough and sleek design should urge riders to explore their surroundings and spend more time in nature.

In addition, the business has pioneered battery technology in the form of quaternary polymer lithium batteries, significantly improving its motorcycles' range. Himiway uses the most advanced quaternary polymer lithium batteries, which can travel up to 60 miles on a single charge and have been rated the best in endurance by 200+ prominent E-bike industry experts. As a result, over 50,000 e-bikes were sold by the top three companies in the industry.

Himiway Cruiser


Himiway Cruiser


Himiway's Cruiser is by far their most popular model. This e-bike lets Himiway amass a legion of followers who swear by its products.


The Himiway Cruiser is powered by a 750W rear hub motor and a heavy-duty suspension fork. Himiway boasts 35-60 miles of range per charge and a peak speed of 28 mph thanks to the 48V 17.5Ah battery's 840Wh capacity. This is consistent with what the owners describe.


The Cruiser is a fat-tire e-bike with adaptable 26′′ x 4′′ tires, which are pretty average on similar e-bikes in this category. It also has a Shimano 7-speed transmission and mechanical disc brakes. Both contribute to a more enjoyable riding experience on hills, steep descents, and urban commutes.


Because it has so many valuable extras, this bike is a popular option among commuters and multi-purpose riders. The features include a back rack with a hardwood deck, a kickstand, a bright headlamp, and a 350 lb total cargo.


Should You Buy a Himiway or a Nakto?


This is a difficult decision. Both brands are exceptional, producing some of the best eBikes on the market. These eBikes are designed for a specific group of individuals while meeting a wide range of demands. One thing is sure: none of them will let you down.




The decision might be difficult, but I recommend researching both manufacturers and their available eBikes. This will not only help you discover more about the brands, but it will also help you understand more about your requirements.


Fat bikes are popular these days because the 4-inch tires give riders a sense of stability and off-road prowess, and each of these bikes reflects that concept. They can handle their weight well, feel quite solid and planted in bends, and can withstand some minor off-roading.


Finally, we hope our e-bike comparison helps you choose among the top e-bike companies. According to the facts and specifications, the Himiway Cruiser outperforms Nakto Fashion Line in several categories. While the Nakto Fashion Line is the lighter of the two models, the Himiway Cruiser ranks better in battery power, range, warranty term, and cargo capacity. Keep this comparison in mind the next time you're in the market for a new electric bike and make the best option for your lifestyle.


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