How Fast do Electric Bikes Go?

How Fast do Electric Mountain Bikes Go?

An electric mountain bike is a good investment if you like spending time outdoors. Most hunters and outdoor enthusiasts own an e-bike due to the benefits that it can offer.

If you are planning to buy, you need to know first how fast electric mountain bikes  go. There are different classes of an e-bike, and each class is a corresponding speed of the vehicle.

This guide will help you choose the right electric mountain bike that is worth your investment.


Are Electric Mountain Bikes Fast?

Electric mountain bikes are famous in the community for being fast and easy to use. It is a practical yet fun alternative for transportation.

So, how fast do electric bikes go?

Most e-bikes follow the speed regulation of the states when it comes to speed. For instance, in the United States, e-bikes are allowed to go as fast as 20 mph street legal or 28 mph offroad.

In Europe, electric mountain bikes are allowed to go as fast as 28 mp/h or 45 km/h.
These speeds are only country or state limits. The actual motor can generate more speed, usually an extra 50% faster if the motor isn't restricted by the factory.

For example, Bakcou (Click to see Bakcou) make their electric hunting bikes with unrestricted motors so they can be set to 20mph, 28mph or even 35mph right from the display controller. 

Hence, your electric mountain bike speed will depend on its class and the state where you reside.

Group of friends on their electric dirt bikes

Can My Electric Mountain Bike Go Any Faster?

If you want to go faster than the average speed of your e-bike, you need to pedal harder. Most e-bike owners pedal harder to go faster and save on battery. It also helps in riding up hills or riding rough terrain.

Some people also pedal faster when they see their battery draining. Relying ultimately on the e-bike throttle will drain its battery faster.

Looking For a Fast Electric Bike?

We have one particular electric bike that is fast. Much faster than is normally required. It's called the Delfast Top 3.0 and in it's unrestricted setting can reach 50mph. If you're curious about this fast electric bike, take a look at this:



What Motor is Best for High Speed: Mid-drive Motor or Hub Motor?

How fast do electric mountain bikes go? Does the motor affect its speed?

When it comes to an electric mountain bike, you have two options: the mid-drive motor and hub motor. Both motors have their own advantages and disadvantages. For instance, hub motors are designed for inexperienced bikers because it is easier to use. The shifting of gears is also straightforward and simple. 

On the other hand, a mid-drive motor is better for experienced drivers. It also offers a better range compared to the former. Technically speaking, a mid-drive motor can offer a higher speed compared to a hub motor. It is also better in zipping up hills thanks to its efficiency. Not to mention that changing the rear tire of a mid-drive motor is easier and more efficient. 

How Does Pedaling Affect the Speed of the e-bike?

Pedaling can affect the speed of your e-bike. However, some e-bikes allows you to throttle without having to pedal. In other states, there are stricter rules that requires pedaling. If you want to increase the speed, pedaling hard while receiving a ‘boost’ from the e-bike can do wonders. It also preserves the lifespan of you motor as you are not exhausting it. 

Can My Electric Mountain Bike Withstand Heavy Rain?

If you are planning to store your e-bike in an outdoor garage or a place potentially exposed to the harsh elements, do not worry. An electric mountain bike is built to last. The motor is completely sealed, preventing the water from penetrating and destroying its function.

However, you might want to remove the batteries from your e-bike. Riding your electric mountain bike in the rain is similar to pressure-washing it. The effects are often irreparable. Hence, make it a habit to remove the batteries if there's a possibility of your e-bike being exposed to the rain.


Can I Use My Electric Mountain Bike Without the Assistance?

Some people only use assistance when they are zipping up hills or riding rough trails. Fortunately, with electric mountain bikes, you can switch anytime. Pedaling without the assistance will not only help in saving batteries, but it also preserves the lifespan of your e-bike.

ONYX RCR racer dirt bike

Does Changing the Tires Make My E-Bike Go Faster?

Changing into a smoother pair of tires will make your e-bike go faster. Most of the electric mountain bikes feature knobby tires for greater grip. However, if you smoothen the tires, you can also increase the speed of your e-bike. It can give an extra two miles per hour when the tires are changed.



Knowing how fast do electric mountain bikes go and its different classes can help in choosing the best model. Depending on your needs, you may or may not find a fast electric mountain bike appealing. Use this guide to choose the best electric mountain bike and enjoy its benefits in the long run.

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