Electric Bikes VS. Regular Bikes: What You Need To Know

The innovation of electric bicycles is truly changing the world. Just in Asia, around 200 million electric bikes are being used. That is equivalent to over a fourth of the total number of bikes in the nation.

In the West hemisphere, particularly in the US, however, the numbers are nowhere near that. But, gradually, there is a significant expansion in the number of people discovering it.

Electric Bikes VS. Regular Bikes: What You Need To Know


Years from now, we may not even remember how it is like to maneuver the land without bikes--even more so an electric bike. The world before e-bikes will become a distant memory to our quest for human mobility.

The primary license of what seems to be like standard bikes that we have today dates back to the 1890s. Meanwhile, the avant-garde electric bicycle variant has only been around for about 20 years.

While innovation is good, similar notoriety to early versions of electric bicycles was painted on the present-day ones that we know today. People questioned its utilization of expensive but immense and short-term use of batteries. With this, it was glossed as something substantial and unreasonable.

Electric Bikes VS. Regular Bikes: What You Need To Know


Fortunately, we are slowly but sure moving past that innovative unrest. With the scaling and expansion of versatile electronic gadgets, we have come up with a more efficient but lighter battery made of lithium particles. It became a game-changer in the world of electric bicycles.


Now, we can see that e-bikes are becoming more and more a standard means of everyday transportation. The increasing number of the general population that uses electric bikes is proof that innovation is developing.

Electric Bikes VS. Regular Bikes: What You Need To Know 

Getting Familiar with Ebikes

With all that, one might wonder what makes an electric bicycle distinct from the standard bike. A lot of questions arise from individuals who have only learned what an e-bike is. Most of the time, these questions revolve around:


  • The distinctive feature among an e-bike and a regular bike
  • The reason why e-bikes are considerably more costly than ordinary bicycles
  • The benefits of using an electric bicycle
  • The purpose of riding a bicycle as a means of working out


These are totally convincing and reasonable inquiries. As most people are not that familiar with this variant of a bicycle, it is understandable to have all these questions. However, they have to know that there are plenty of errors, mix-ups, and misconceptions around these that must be clarified. 


The Contrasts Between an Electric Bicycle and a Standard Bicycle

And so, what makes an electric bike extraordinary? It’s pretty simple.

An electric bicycle has an expansion of an electrical drive framework, which then makes it customary. It makes use of an engine powered by a battery. Through that, it assimilates the capacity of the motor into the drivetrain and then works to control that power.

By the end of this article section, you will have a better grasp of the critical differences between an electric bicycle and a standard bicycle. You’ll also be able to evaluate which if an electric bike is apt for your based on its features.


Electric Bikes VS. Regular Bikes: What You Need To Know

The first thing you’ll notice about electric bikes is it looks just like regular bikes. It has a similar body geometry as that of a mechanical bicycle, from the wheels to the handlebars. And its mechanical components such as the pedals and brake functions just the same.


It’s not that they resemble the standard bikes, they’re just standard bikes with incorporated electric engines.


The main feature that differentiates an e-bike from a standard bike is the built-in electrical drive framework. The e-bike has an electric engine powered by a battery, which provides support when you pedal forward. Electric bikes usually have a controller or presentation screen.

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Electric Bikes VS. Regular Bikes: What You Need To Know


The maintenance of electric bicycles is substantially parallel to regular ones--from fixes, adjusting, and support. Hence, you can bring an e-bike to the same repair shop as a regular bicycle. The repair costs usually aren’t far from the regular fees for bicycle repairs.


However, although it is uncommon, if the issue is related to the electric segment, it may require a mechanic specializing in repairing e-bikes to fix it for you.


*Check out some maintenance tips here.

Riding experience

Electric Bikes VS. Regular Bikes: What You Need To Know


One of the main concerns of individuals who are new to e-bikes is the feeling when you ride it. How does riding it differ from riding a regular bicycle? Simply, it is very similar to the typical bike. 


It doesn’t change the execution of cycling; instead, it makes it simpler and smoother. 


Once you begin accelerating, the electric engine kicks in, and you will smoothly pedal around. This feature makes it more effortless to traverse upward slopes and face stiff headwinds. 


By dialing the pedal support of the engine, you can change the way you ride an e-bike. When you set it to the maximum force, the pedal will move rapidly even with your legs not exerting force. It’s basically your legs that experience the acceleration of movement. When you use less power, on the other hand, it’s similar to riding a standard bike where you use your legs to move forward.

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Electric Bikes VS. Regular Bikes: What You Need To Know

So, does the electrical support make the speed of e-bicycles better? It actually depends on how you usually ride. In any case, the e-bicycle is not for breaking speed records.


If you’re usually lax when riding, e-bikes may make your cycling faster. But it’s mainly because the acceleration is smoother and it’s gradual for you to get worn out. It also makes it simpler to maintain a consistent speed overall and more comfortable to get back on track following a halting.


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Rules and guidelines

Since electric bicycles are seen as mechanized vehicles, one of the primary concerns is the restrictions of its use based on state regulations and guidelines. What this implies is that they follow speed and force limits based on set guidelines.


These are some of the critical guidelines that you need to know:

  • You must be 14 and above to ride an e-bicycle.
  • It follows similar guidelines as to riding regular bicycles.
  • You don’t need a permit to be able to ride an e-bicycle.
  • It doesn’t require vehicle expenses or protection.

*Since the laws change regularly trying to keep up a very good resource for verifying how your own State views eBikes is at this link:  https://peopleforbikes.org/our-work/e-bikes/policies-and-laws/


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