Bakcou Electric Bike: A Review

Bakcou Electric Bike Review

Aside from the best bow for hunting, an avid hunter must also invest in a good and reliable e-bike. Bakcou is one of the ethical brands that acknowledges the needs of a serious hunter. Hunting doesn’t always start at the top of the mountain. For this reason, you will need a high-end e-bike that features high-end components, taking you from the even surface to the hilltop. Most importantly, sold at an affordable price.

Introducing the Bakcou Electric Bike. This revolutionary bike is a must-have for hunters who want to own an all-purpose e-bike that looks ravishing in the woods and sleek in the city. 

If you plan to invest in this electric hunting bike, read on and find out what makes the Bakcou electric bike good hunting transportation that can provide your needs.


Revolutionary Step-Through Frame Design

One of the highlights of the Flatlander is its revolutionary step-through frame design. Bakcou is one of the few brands that have built the frame from a different angle.

This step-through frame is easy to access and offers a generous standover height. Thanks to its easy dismounting method, you can get on your Bakcou electric bike and get going in just a few seconds.

The frame, coupled with its fat tires, can provide the utmost convenience. Compared to the standard 26-inch wheels, the Flatlander features 24-inch wheels.

While you may not notice the difference when riding your e-bike, you will find it convenient, especially for the standover height. It is one of the best features that you couldn't find in any other brands than Bakcou.



The Bakcou electric bike can take you to your destination and further. It operates on a Bafang 750W high-end rear hub motor. The engine delivers incredible power and torque. The motor is strategically placed in the rear, allowing you to benefit from full traction with the full-throttle on mode.

The Flatlander benefits more from the rear-hub motor thanks to its robust frame mounting. It allows you to take corners at high speeds with confidence.


Bakcou Electric Bike: A Review

Stronger Battery Capacity

Upon purchasing, you can choose from three different battery capacities:

  1.      14.5 Ah
  2.      17.4 Ah
  3.      21 Ah

The battery is made of lithium-ion and features an extended-distance version, allowing you to keep the e-bike running for extended periods. Thanks to its bullet-proof aluminum frame, the battery is also housed in the same material for undefeated durability.

This gives you the confidence to leave your bike anywhere and anyhow. It will be protected from the harsh elements of nature.


Optimal Riding Comfort

Undoubtedly, the Flatlander belongs to one of the top electric bikes. When you give it a try, notice how the e-bike is designed to provide optimal comfort. The handlebars are wider than the average bars, allowing for extra grip support. This feature works best when you are riding rough trails at high speeds.

The Flatlander also features locking grips and deep cleated pedals. It has wide holes, allowing your boots to have a tighter grip of the e-bike when riding.

The holes are also convenient as it allows you to clean and avoid snow and mud buildup that can slow down your bike. You can re-gain pedal traction when you are riding through the rain.


Sleek Finishing Options

The Bakcou electric bike is a possession you should be proud of. It has the best e-bike finishing options that you can choose from:


  1.      Matte black
  2.      Realtree camo
  3.      Desert tan
  4.      White


If you are an avid hunter, two finishes are designed specifically for you. It helps you to blend in your location and hunting terrain without being noticed.

However, if you plan to use your Flatlander in the city to commute and do errands, you can choose from black and white finishes. Albeit some hunters prefer black and white finishes instead of camo due to the hunting location they are targeting.


Final Thoughts

The Bakcou electric bike is a good deal for any hunter who wants to take their game to the next level. You can further upgrade the bike by purchasing some accessories. It's not a surprise that Bakcou tops the e-bike brands in the market nowadays due to its extraordinary quality and reasonable price. Whether you are a novice or pro hunter, the Flatlander is worth the investment.



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