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Early Summer of 2009 he had an idea.

Taking a beach cruiser bicycle and mounting an engine in it. Searching the internet to find things that he would need, he noticed that this was not a new idea at all. he saw what was out there and said to himself, “I can build a better bike.”

Asking a friend to help with this project they got started searching for parts. Buying two bicycles from local sport stores and ordering engine kits online, they slowly gathered the things we needed. They started building these bikes out of a 10×10 storage shed on a piece of property that he own in Del Mar, California.

After they had completed two bicycles for themselves and ran them around town, the word got out that they had built these motorized bicycles and people were willing to pay them to build them one.

The both looked at each other and said

“why not.”

One bike became two, and two became ten. They needed a bigger place to handle the work. He leased an 800 square foot shop to handle the constant orders. Now that they had plenty of orders, they needed to find companies that sold all the parts they needed at a lower cost.

They were buying 49cc, 2-stroke engines from a business in Los Angeles, California and the bicycles they purchased direct from a manufacturing company in Irvine California. After a full year of building motorized bicycle they learned that the engines were going to be outlawed in California because they were not EPA approved.

He got together with his friend and figured they need a 4-stroke engine that is EPA approved. They found one. They moved their business into a larger 1000 sq. ft. unit and lasted there about a year. Now recently they have moved again. Their new building is 2000 sq. ft. and hopefully they will outgrow this one too. Everything is working out. The orders are still coming in and they have not stopped designing new and improved motorized bicycles.

Oh, by the way his name is John Allen King and he is Phantom Bikes.

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