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Donald J.
United States United States
The MULE, my 1st ebike!

First, John at Ebike Generation was great without his guidance I am not sure I would have bought this bike. John is a tremendous person. I wasn't planning on buying that day but after John spent an hour online with me answering every single question I had..... I bought it. I have never bought anything that fast. Before the Mule I recently bought another brand and got the runaround for 3 months and never got that Ebike. I then did more research and wanted the best hunting ebike I could afford and the Mule was it. This Ebike I first took it to the steepest 2 hills I know of where I live and then started up a steep steep angle at a dead stop and only used the throttle, this 1st hill was about 35 degrees and I was shocked how the Mule gained speed until I reached the top. The 2nd hill was a little steeper and I climbed that hill too with just the throttle. So then I went to my 45yr old hunting spot and that Mule took me to some places I just was too old to get to anymore on foot and even further than I have ever gone before. No hills here as this is above 10,000 elevation. What I like best is the insurance that If I get hurt and cannot make it back to camp (has happened to me twice) and if I can get to the Mule it will be able to take me back to camp. I just turned 65 and those mountains are a lot harder to climb today. This past weekend I went to a fishing spot that I last fished 20+yrs ago. After my last visit I erased the trail off my map as I knew I would never see it again. I got to fish some of my old spots and found new ones too. I highly recommend the MULE if you have these extremely hard areas. Unit came perfectly packed in the strongest cardboard box I have ever seen. Took 20 mins to finish the assemble and then my first trail test. I got my Ebike 2nd week of July and have put on 160 really hard/difficult miles on it the first 2 weeks. I have not made a single adjustment yet. I do a lot in the assist mode. I get some exercise and really never have to lift my you-know-what off the seat and it really improves the battery life. You would not believe how assist works its amazing I have not found a hill yet that the bike has not been able to handle. I would buy again! Elk season can't get here soon enough. Don from Colorful Colorado. I Love my MULE.

Bruce C.
United States United States

Great! I will be running it through the ropes for the upcoming hunting season but so far I can see it will make a real difference when I hunt for deer and elk...

Jay M.
United States United States

has power to climb very steep hills and the battery lasts longer than I expected

Christian A.
United States United States

This bike is an absolute beast, and a blast to ride. It came extremely well packaged, and assembly was a breeze. It is feature rich, and the purchase experience was very simple and enjoyable.

Gregory G.
United States United States
Strong as a Mule

Week one was very satisfying. Assembly took a bit longer than anticipated. Had one issue by putting 60 psi in the tires when installation was complete. The tire bead should be checked for proper beading in place before inflating. Overall everything works great out of the box. This bike is fast and provides much torque. The peddle assist is awesome. I swapped out the seat for one that provides more comfort and cushion.

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