QuietKat Jeep Electric Bike Overview [Top 7 Features for Hunters]

QuietKat Jeep eBike Overview [Top 7 Features for Hunters]

What is the most capable civilian vehicle on the market? A good majority of people will say it's a Jeep.

Even if you're thinking something else deserves the crown, there's no arguing that the Jeep name is hard to ignore when you're looking to buy a vehicle that can tackle nearly any terrain.

What about the realm of eBikes? What is the single most capable model? According to some, it's also a Jeep. 

QuietKat is a heavy-hitter in this industry and regularly takes a spot on our top pick lists for hunting eBikes. They're solid, powerful, dependable, and loaded with features that make them great options for hunters to consider. The Jeep is no exception. 

So, you're bound to question what makes the Jeep such a good eBike. Here’s a deeper look—the top seven features that make the QuietKat Jeep the perfect match for hunters.

1. The perfect fit 

One of the first things about the Jeep to jump out at us is that it's available in three different sizes. With small, medium, and large sizes to work with, there's something for everyone. 

That's a significant deal because it gives small riders standing under 5'6" and those above 6' the ability to take this bike out any time they want, not just the average 5'6"-6' hunters. Many bikes feature just one or two sizes, meaning the Jeep already applies to a wider demographic by default.

2. Fat tires 

Would you expect anything attached to the Jeep name to come with skinny tires? Why not? The obvious answer is that skinny tires aren't doing you any favors off-road, and that's exactly where hunters are riding these eBikes. 

The Jeep comes standard with 26-inch Poly fat tires with an aggressive, 4.8-inch tread. That meaty contact patch is partly to thank for this eBikes capabilities and is something you should come to expect of any electric bike you intend to take on your next hunt.

3. Plenty of juice 

While you're not rocking the standard 3.6-liter V6 engine found in other types of Jeeps, you still have plenty of power to work with. The QuietKat Jeep comes with the optional 750-watt or 1000-watt unlimited (1500W peak) motor, capable of turning out 160nm of torque. 

Relax, we already did the math for you. It's about 118 ft-lbs. Yeah, that's the kind of snap you'll be pushing out of a 70-lb eBike That's way more than you'll need to reach the blind unless you're hunting on a cliffside. Even then, the Jeep's power still might help it crawl up there.

QuietKat Jeep eBike is as good for hunting as it is recreational riding

4. Gears for years 

What makes a vehicle versatile? Gear selection. The more gears the transmission offers, the more a vehicle can do in stride. That's why so many cars and trucks come with 8-10 speed transmissions and leave the usual 5-speed configuration behind. 

The same school of thought applies to eBikes as well, and the Jeep comes out swinging with 9-gears. That makes it possible for the eBike to lay down the torque for those slow-paced technical rides and blast down the trail when things are nice and easy without so much as a hiccup.

5. Removable throttle 

A thumb throttle is already a lot to love. After all, that's what the ATV you used to take hunting gave you to work with. Familiarity really is a big deal in terms of riding comfort. 

However, the thumb throttle is removable.

So what, right? 

That feature allows you to turn the QuietKat Jeep into a class 1 or class 2 eBike on the fly. Without the thumb throttle, you still have access to the pedal-assist function, allowing you to take the versatile platform even more places than many other eBikes

6. High weight capacity 

We'll cut right to the chase with this one. The Jeep has an impressive weight capacity of 300 pounds. While that is slowly becoming the standard for off-road eBikes, it's nothing to gloss over. 

The more weight the bike can support, the better off you are. A 300-pound weight capacity means you can safely carry more gear with you without worrying about bogging the bike down, which may be the defining factor for many hunters.

7. Travel for travel 

All of the features we've discussed so far are great. However, the combination isn't exactly unique to the Jeep. You can likely find a wide range of applications that come in a configuration that closely rivals what we've discussed. So, what makes the Jeep a candidate for the title of the most capable eBike? 

The suspension. 

The Jeep comes with a Firelink full-suspension frame. This frame offers a staggering 150mm of travel, and you don't even have to worry about disconnecting sway bars. 

That long travel is what helps this eBike tackle even the most demanding terrain in stride. Throw in everything else, and you can see what makes the Jeep a premier choice for any kind of off-road riding, including hunting. 

QuietKat Jeep Electric Bike Ready to Build for Hunting

Deck it out with the Ultimate Hunter Kit

If you look at the QuietKat Jeep in its standard configuration, you'll notice that it is a relatively bare-bones setup. There aren't any racks, lights, or other accessories that help it stand out as a hunting eBike. Even though it's a fantastic platform, those accessories are crucial to many hunters. 

Thankfully, the Jeep can come with the optional Ultimate Hunter kit. This kit features a Tannus Armour tire liner, Gator Gripp HD rack, and QuietKat's cargo trailer. Without a doubt, this setup is a must-have for the Jeep and any other QuietKat eBike it is available to. 

Of course, you have the option to pick these accessories individually if you only need one or two. We should also mention that QuietKat also offers optional Overlander and Angler kits for other adventures you may take it on. 

The QuietKat Jeep is a highly capable off-road platform. Ultimately, that's exactly what makes it such a great model for hunters to consider. No matter what stands between you and your stand, you can count on this eBike to get you there and back without any problems. 

Are you going to jump on it? We don't blame you if you want to do a little more research. We recommend keeping up with our blog for future spotlights and checking out the others we've already pushed out as well as our top picks for fat tire eBikes to understand all of your options better!

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