Introducing The Ruffian

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Introducing The Ruffian

An Amazing Chopper Style eBike That Is Taking the World by Storm


The Ruffian is an adventurous eBike that has a lot of people talking.  Created by the company Ruff Cycles, this chopper styled bike is both powerful and stylish.  The Ruffian was designed for those who want the look and feel of a motorcycle along with the zero emissions of an eBike. Very sporty, the Ruffian is perfect for those who are looking a more masculine look. Today, we are going to take a deeper look at the Ruffian and see what it has to offer.  You just might be surprised at what you find!

A Durable and Stylish Frame


When it comes to style, Ruff Cycles has put a lot of time and effort into making the frame of the Ruffian to look stunning.  With sleek lines, the frame of the Ruffian will turn heads as you cruise down the street.  The Powder-coated aluminum AI 7020 frame is also highly durable and made from high-quality materials that will last for many years to come.  This strong frame is lightweight but can stand up to the stress of daily riding.  The frame is paired with Ruff Cycles aluminum bridges with CrMo Legs for additional support. As you can see, the frame and fork are well put together and you will never have to worry about compromising style for durability.  If you need an eBike that will stand up to heavy use, you should really think about checking out the Ruffian.  It won’t disappoint! 

Plenty of The Speed You Need


If you have a need for speed, you will be happy to find the Ruffian will provide you with ample power.  This eBike model comes standard with a Bosch Performance CX 250W which will give you a maximum speed of up to 20-MPH.  The Bosch motor will not only help you get up to top speed fast, it will also allow you to climb steep inclines.  Having so much power at your disposal means that you will never have a problem getting from point A to B. Hills are simply no match for this super strong and well-designed electric bike.  For those who like to take things a little slower, this eBike will provide a leisurely ride down your favorite streets or boardwalks.  No matter how slow or fast you go, you will always find the Ruffian a pleasure to ride. 

A Long-Lasting Battery for Maximum Fun


We have already learned that the Ruffian is driven by a powerful Bosch performance motor, so it is no surprise that this eBike comes with an equally powerful Bosch Performance PowerPack 500Wh battery.  This will give you plenty of ride time so that you can enjoy cruising the streets with your friends or commuting to work.  Great for everyday riding, the long-lasting battery will let you cover a lot of ground before having to recharge the unit.  This is just one of the many different reasons while so many people are choosing this eBike.  Battery life is a big deal and having a bike that you can trust to get you where you’re going without having to stop and recharge along the way is a must. 

Safety Is in The Design


When the Ruffian was being designed, Ruff Cycles did not skimp on safety.  They added a powerful LED light on the front of the bike that will help you find your way in low light conditions.  Additionally, there is an LED light on the rear of the bike that will help people see you and prevent accidents from occurring.  While you still need to practice road safety, having these lights will add an extra layer of protection.  The bike comes with Shimano Deore hydraulic brakes that will help you safely stop and avoid obstacles.  This combination of safety features will give you peace of mind while out and about.  While out having fun on your Ruffian, make sure that you always wear your helmet so that you can prevent injury.  Also, make sure to follow all traffic laws and check with your local government to find out if any areas in your community are restricted for eBikes. 

A Comfortable Ride


If you are looking for a comfortable eBike, then you are in luck because the Ruffian provides riders with the ultimate experience.  This eBike features a comfortable leather cruiser saddle that will help prevent rider fatigue.  The Ruffian also comes with Ruff Cycles Z-Dragbar handlebars that make handling a breeze!  A pair of Cruzo Classic 26“x 3.0“ tires help absorb the shock of the road making your next ride enjoyable.  Each of these features makes this eBike one of the most comfortable rides on the market today.  Comfort is a big deal especially if you are a daily rider, so having a bike that can help you reduce the stress of riding is very important.  Thankfully, the Ruffian meets these needs and so much more! 

Quality Work That Shows


Each and every eBike that Ruff Cycles produces is built with integrity.  The quality of work that goes into these bikes is simply unmatched.  Built in Germany of only the finest materials, the Ruffian is a shining example of what Ruff Cycles produces.  This one of a kind eBike model stands out from the crowd and has surpassed most people’s expectations.  When first released in the year 2016 at the world’s largest motorcycle exhibition, more the 200,000 people got the chance to witness eBike history.  The event better known as the Intermot, showcased the Ruffian and the response from those in attendance was simply amazing!  So many people from different industries gave this eBike rave reviews. 


As you can see, this is one amazing eBike!  Not only is this chopper-inspired bike highly durable, it is also very powerful.  So if you are looking for an eBike that can stand up to the demands of everyday riding, this is the one for you!  If you do purchase one of these beautiful bikes, you will surely be turning heads when you cruise down the block.

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